Season 4 Episode 20

The One with All the Wedding Dresses

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1998 on NBC

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  • Rachel is so funny in this episode

    Well , If you want to see 3 pretty women-including one pregnant...some say also in real life- you should see this one.

    It was so funny 3 main stories, one about Joey and Chandler ...which wasnt the big deal here..
    Ross getting more hasty and ask Emily for a wedding day sooner than everyone expecting.
    So Rachel get jelous and try to ask her 4 dates only boyfriend to marry her, which was too soon for him.
    Monica went to pick up Emily's Wedding dress, which make her so want to wear it all the time, so she did....also did pregnant Pheobe, and after the break up ,Rach did too ....And you got to see her saying "I Doooooooooooo .." that was sooo funny..

    It's so fun episode, you gotta see it