Season 2 Episode 24

The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 16, 1996 on NBC

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  • I am sorry but this finale wrecks.

    Everyone knows that from the first season Friends has become one of the most popular t.v shows on televion ofcourse then why was the finale this bad.

    Now there were alot of stories put together in this finale but most were pretty lame.

    Janice having an internet girlfriend which ended up to be Janice, I mean how many times does he have to run into Janice real life or in a cyber world. Seriousley and for Janice and Chandler's meeting to be the end of the episode which is always supposed to be the best part. Sorry writers of Friends you have let me down.

    In another story Rachel goes to her ex fiance's wedding with her best friend and I have to day her underwear incident was funny but everything was a bit you know not as funny as friends should be after that.

    I mean if the show was not that popular I would not have given it such a low rating.

    Another story that was going on in the episode was Joey wanting to practce kissing guys on his friends to do well in his audition for a part which was very funny.

    Now the way richard and Monica's breakup was handled was very bad. I mean if Monica suffered that much in season 3 then why didn't they aleast make the breakup with a little more tears or 'I dont want to lose you 'or something. Some passion,emotion, something. Because if it was that painful it should show the moment they broke up.

    Now what annoyed me was the lack of Phobe. Why wasn't the finale remotely starring her.

    I mean all the other characters got a story then why didn't she??

    I am not saying make more storylines because there were too many in 'the one with Barry and Mindy's wedding' but atleast eliminate Joey's kissing guys and give Phoebe something.

    The kiss could be done in any other episode.

    Not like Phoebe had any good previous stories but atleast start something for her.

    And even the jokes were kind of bad and unbalanced in a way.

    I am sorry.

    Friends is one of my favourite and it hurts me to give this episode a D.
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