Season 7 Episode 25

The One with Chandler and Monica's Wedding (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2001 on NBC

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  • Monica and chandler

    Good stuff
  • Finally, Chandler and Monica getting married

    The One With Chandler and Monica's Wedding Part 1 and Part 2 are very funny episodes because of Chandler's cold feet and running away... and of course, Chandler's transvestite father who is in an all-gay Las Vegas show... it's a little disturbing, though. But funny.
    It's also nice to see Chandler and Monica's wedding, which we've all been waiting for ever since the season finale of season six (one of my personal favorites) where both Chandler and Monica propose. I think it's even better that Joey is the priest than an actual one. That made me laugh, and his drunk co-actor. ya, funny episode.
    Watch this one! It's so funny!
  • a good episode

    Joey encounters problems trying to get off the movie set to officiate the wedding when the star turns up drunk who was the spitter in the last episode. Meanwhile, Ross desperately searches for the missing Chandler and threatens to kick his ass if he doesent marry monica.and then Rachel and Phoebe try to keep Monica from finding out. While the girls are searching, they come across a positive pregnancy test in a garbage can which they assume is Monica's. However, it turns out that it may actually belong to Rachel and it does but u have to wait untill next episode to find out. a good clifhanger.
  • In this episode chandler and monica got married and we find out rachels is growing ross\'s sencond baby emma.

    This is a awsome episode of great passion and love and is amazing cause evreyone is so sweet and loveing. this episode is one you will never forget so go watch and have a lot of fun and happyness :) it brings you closeer to monica and chandler\'s love and happyness, also it is a episode that tells you about chandlers dad or should i say girl dad and mom,and you know how monica opens all of the gifts well it cool how she opens the salt shaker. hope you like it and love it he-he-he :) :) :) :)
  • Monica and Chandler get married and Rachel is the one pregnant and not Monica!

    Great episode! I already new it was Rachel's baby and with Ross. I can't believe Chandler ran away. Its not a bad thing getting married. I can't believe everyone was OMG its Monica's! Rachel should of told them! Joey would be the best person to get two people married. He is funny to! He comes running in with his army thing on. He forgot some things. At least Monica didn't yell at him.
  • Rachel gets pregnant.

    After the last cliffhanger, in which Chandler was missing. As he ran off because he was scared, which was just what I was expecting. It's good Monica didn't find out until the end. So we wouldn't see her freak out throught the whole episode. My favorite plot line was Rachel trying to distract Monica. Phoebe & Ross looking for Chandler kept me on the dge of my seat. Will they find Chandler? Will Joey make it to the wedding, in time? The whole episode you think Monica is pregnant, but another cliffhanger rises. Rachel is. Who is the father? Find out next season. It was nice seeing everyone come together in the end though.
  • Monica and Chandler get married in the 7th season finale. Rachel is revealed to be pregnant.

    After 7 seasons, Monica and Chandler finally get married. In the pre vious season finale, Chandler asks Monica to marry her and shhe accepts. Now, after a year they get married. With Joey being their minis ter, Ross as Chandler's best man and Phoebe and Rachel as Monica's maids of honor. Phoebe and Rachel discover a pregnancy test in Monica's trash can and is possitive, they believe is Monica's; it turns out its Rachel. The epi sode closes the Monica and Chandler story before marriage and opens Rachel's and her child's story. This ends one of the best seasons and opens for a next one.