Season 4 Episode 8

The One with Chandler in a Box

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • A girl comes between a friendship

    The Whole Episode Centers on Chandler and Joeys Relationship

    Chandler Kisses Kathy and Tells Joey

    and Joey is Furious at Chandler

    He wouldn't let him explain his actions

    So Chandler Agrees to be in the Box.

    This Episode is Emotional and Heartwarming

    With Monica Dating Richards Son.

    Rachel and Ross arguing over Gift Exchanging

    I'm glad the Relationship Continued

    It reminds everybody Don't let a girl come between Friends
  • One of my favorites.

    Richards son dating Monica is quite disturbing. I like how she realizes they were wrong for each other in the end. I like how Rachel made that big scene at the dinner table about Ross. And she couldn't take the artifact from the museum, that was hilarious. I love when Rachel & Monica go to the eye doctor & see Richards son. Joey finally forgives Chandler and he gets to stay with Kathy so life is great for Chandler. This episode wasn't as good as last Thanksgiving's episode but still tied some loose ends for everybody which is what I love to see.
  • Yeah, but Monica, do you actually want to be in a relationship where you can actually use the phrase, "That's not how your dad used to do it." - Phoebe

    Another great Thanksgiving episode with Chandler in a box.
    Joey is still mad at Chandler because he kissed his girlfriend. Chandler keeps appolizing but Joey won't forgive him. So to proove to Joey how sorry he is he will sit in a box and think about it.
    Monica has to go to the eyedoctor who turns out to be Richard's son. She invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner and even kisses him but it's a little too weird because it reminds her of Richard.
    Ross finds out that Rachel exchanges every gift she gets. I think this is the first time they mention that she does that.
    Kathy stops by the apartment to break up with Chandler because she doesn't wanna come between two best friends. Joey sees how much they care about each other so he forgives Chandler. Amazing episode, especially the Joey and Chandler stuff.
  • a good episode

    after the amaprtment gets robbed with joey tuck in the cupboard, chandler buts joey new things to stop him from being mad at him.
    .after chandler tells joey that he kissed his girlfriend joey gets mad and tells chandler that when he was locked in the cupboard all he could think about was how he let chandler down. so jooey tells chandler that to prove his friendship he has to sit in a box for hours. even through their dinner. at the end the girl comes in and joey lets chandler out of the box telling him to chase after her
  • Aww. Joey and Chandler.

    I love the JOy and Cahndler friendship. Chandler kissed Joey's girlfriend and Joey considered him not a true friend. To pay back his misdeeds, Chandler sat in a box for 6 hours thinking about what he did. Joey let Chandler out of the box to go catch the girl in the end and Monica realized that dating Richard's son would be really really wierd.
  • One of my favorite Friends episodes - Just the perfext mix of drama and comedy and amazing Joey-Chandler moments.

    After kissing Joey's girlfriend Kathy he tries to tell Joey that he's very sorry but Joey is very hurt and their friendship seems to be over. After getting ice in her eye, Monica needs a good eye-doctor and meets Richard's son Tim. They get along very well and seem to have more in mind than a friendship. Ross is very mad when he learns that Rachel seems to exchange gifts very often and starts arguing with her.

    This episode is a perfect though dramatic episode of Friends. The story is cleverly plotted and the jokes are very funny. As much as I at first hated the fact that Joey and Chandler fought over a girl it was a very good story and brousht us some nice Joey-Chandler moments. Chandler being locked in the box and only be able to "speak" with his fingers was just hilarious as was the fact that Monica tried to start a relationship with her big love Richard's son. I especially liked the end when Chandler went after Kathy and his friends were watching the wrong couple.

    So, all in all, this is a very great episode with a mix of drama and comedy and totally recommendabel - one of the series finest episodes.
  • In a desperate attempt 2 keep Joey from moving out,Chandler agrees 2 spend Thanksgiving in a box 2 reminisce his actions.Ross says Rachel has no sentiment.

    I really liked this episode simply because it establishes the bond between the friends. Namely Ross and Rachel, and Joey and Chandler. Their quirks and ways of problem-solving reach comical heights that the Stooges themselves would find amusing. My favourite bit is Joey figuring that Chandler spending his Thanksgiving in a box was going to make the fact that he stole Kathy disappear. And the part where Tim tells Monica that the last time he saw her was when he was heading off to college and she was outside the Dairy Queen. And she replies with "Yeah, I was probably waiting for it to open."

    Personally I found the whole eyepatch thing a little weird cause I've never seen eye patients with patches. Who knows? Maybe they do exist.

    I didn't get why Monica was more grossed out by Tim's kiss when technically he should have wigged since he was kissing his almost-step-mommy.
  • Another thanksgiving episode.

    The fourth of the thanksgiving episodes, this episode sees Joey punish Chandler for kissing Kathy. They decide that Chandler should stay in a box all day and think about what he did to show how much Joey means to him. Since Monica and Phoebe aren't earning a lot of money, they decide that the 6 of them should have a secret santa. Ross finds out that Rachel exchanged a lot of his gifts in the past and accuses her of having no feelings. Rachel shows that she does by bringing a lot of personal things she kept when Ross and her were going out. Kathy comes to break up with Chandler as she doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Joey, but Joey forgives Chandler and Chandler and Kathy get back together.
  • Chandler spends thanksgiving in a box!

    Every Thanksgiving Friends Episode is a cut above the rest, but this one is just magnificent!!!!

    Only Joey would think of making Chandler spend the day in the box to think about his actions and I love that! Next time someone's mean to me, I'll make them do that.

    But then when Cathy comes and breaks up with Chandler, you just want to cry, and when Joey makes Chandler get out you want to cry more!!!

    Plus Monica's thing with Richard's son is just so hilarious! I love it! Plus she looked really funny with an eye patch... like a pirate!!!

    Classic Episode!
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This episode is really funny. Chandler lives in a box for six hours.

    Chandler calls Joey for eight hours trying to tell him that he's sorry, but Joey keeps hanging up.

    Then Pheobe says that they should do secret santa since Monica and herself don't have a lot of money. They all agree to do that. Chandler wants to trade Pheobe for Rachel because he already got Rachel a briefcase with the initials "RG" on it. Pheobe tells Chandler that Rachel exchanges everything she gets, so Chandler decides to just give the briefcase to Ross because his initails are "RG" too. Then Monica gets ice in her eye, but she doesn't want to go to her eye docter because it's Richard. Pheobe calls anyway and Richard is out of town and there is an on-call docter. Monica is happy that she doesn't have to go see Richard again. They leave and Ross walks in. He says he wants to trade for Rachel. Chandler tells Ross that Rachel exchanges everything. He says that she didn't exchange the necklace he got her.

    Ross walks in Joey and Chandler's apartment and tells Joey that he should go talk to Chandler.

    Joey tries to find Chandler at Central Perk. He finds him, but he finds Chandler kissing Kathy. He says something in Italian and storms out of Central Perk.

    Rachel and Monica are at the Dr. Burke's office and they find out that the on-call docter is Richard's son. His name is Tim Burke.

    Chandler walks into his apartment and he see's Joey packing all his stuff up. Chandler asks Joey what's going on and he says that he's going to live with his parents for a while. Chandler tells him not to, but he wants to just get away from Chandler. Then he says that when he was locked in the entertainment unit for six hours, he was thinking about how he let Chandler down. Chandler says that if they still had the entertainment unit, he would lock himself in it for six hours. Joey says that there is another box to get locked in.

    Tim makes Monica wear an eye patch. Then Monica finds out that Tim is single. She invites Tim to the Thanksgiving dinner.

    Everyone's at Monica's apartment and Chandler is in a box thinking about what he did to Joey. Monica tells everyone about Tim and everyone thinks it's gross. Then Ross asks Rachel to see the necklace that he gave her last year and she admits that she doesn't have it. Ross can't believe that she exchanged it. Tim knocks on the door and Monica answers it. She introduces Tim to everyone.

    Thanksgiving dinner is done. They all sit down at the table. Ross is still mad at Rachel for exchanging the necklace and starts making fun of her. Rachel runs into her room because she's so mad. Chandler keeps talking and Joey tells Chandler not to talk. Rachel comes back out of her room and she's holding a box. It has a bunch of stuff in it like the egg shell that was from the first egg Ross ever made for her. It had a bunch of other stuff that is special to her. Ross apologies to Rachel.

    Tim and Monica are out on the balcony and they kiss. The kiss reminds Monica of Richard and she says it's just to weird to date. Tim agree's.

    Kathy walks into the apartment and wants to talk to Chandler. Joey says that he's in the box and he can't talk. Kathy talks to Chandler through the box. She breaks up with Chandler because she doesn't want to come between Joey and Chandler. Kathy leaves and Joey let's Chandler out of the box. He says to run after Kathy. Chandler leaves the room, running after her.

    Ross, Rachel, Pheobe, Monica and Joey watch Chandler and Kathy get back together from the balcony.

    I give this episode a 9.4 out of 10.
  • Chandler in a box as a punishment

    Afyer kissing Joey's girlfriend Kathy, Chandler agrees to spend his thanksgiving in a box as a punishment. Monica invites Richard's son for dinner.

    This episode was amazing. This episode was so so great and so so funny. Chandler was on the box almost all the time, but that made him even funnier. Monica inviting Richard's son, and everybody teasing her about it made it even better. It was so funny. Ross's "if things work along and you get married, you can tell your children that you slept with their grnadfather." was so hilarous. Chandler and Kathy finally become involved, and Joey forgives Chandler at the end.