Season 4 Episode 8

The One with Chandler in a Box

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1997 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ross: So listen, I picked Monica for Secret Santa, but I'm already getting her something for Hanukkah. I was wondering if you wanna switch.
      Chandler: Oh, y'know what? I was already trying to trade for uh, well... you.
      Ross: Really? Wow! That's, that's so nice! What are you gonna get me?
      Chandler: I don't know, R-G... I was thinking something "girlie" for your office.
      Ross: Yeah, well, maybe Phoebe will switch with me.
      Chandler: Oh, no-no, you don't wanna do that... Then you're gonna get stuck with Rachel and she exchanges every gift she ever gets!
      Ross: Oh, that's not true! I've got her lots of stuff she never took back.
      Chandler: Like...?
      Ross: Like uh, that gold necklace I got her last year.
      Chandler: When was the last time you saw her wear it?
      Ross: Well, she wore it all Christmas day, and then, uh...
      Chandler: Big dog?