Season 7 Episode 23

The One with Chandler's Dad

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2001 on NBC

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  • Rachel & Ross drive a Porsche.

    I am so glad that they didn't throw away the 'Monica getting a Porsche' plot. Apparently Rachel is a reckless driver. And she hits on cops when they try to give her a ticket. Which is funny. cause you dont see much of the Friends drive around. I guess that is how it is in New York. But the Rachel & Ross situation just made the episode hysterical and great. Even Ross ended up hitting on a cop. Which was sad for him. He got a ticket for going to slow. Another storyline in the wedding. Chandler invites his dad, as Chandler & Monica go to "Viva Las Gaygas" And Joey wearing woman underwear was great. I'm surprised Phoebe is still with Jake. Great episode.
  • Monica convinces Chandler to go down to Las Vegas and get his dad to come to the wedding. Meanwhile, Joey tries out wearing women's underwear and Rachel gets to drive Monica's Porsche.

    This was actually a great episode. The best part had to have been when Chandler asks his father to attend Chandler and Monica's wedding. It was funny and had just the right touch of good-feeling. Kathleen Turner does an excellent job as "Helena Handbasket" or Chandler's father. Joey tries on Woman's underwear for the first time. This is one of the few times that Joey stretches out to his feminine side (the others being when he got the purse and when Janine moved in). It's pretty funny seeing Joey, who always come off as somewhat manly, show a girly side. The Ross and Rachel driving the Porshe part wasn't that exciting, except for when Ross tries to flirt with the officer. That was pretty funny.
    All-in-all, this was a good episode, a Friends classic.
  • a must watch we see chandlers gay dad joey tries on womens underwear and ross and rachael flirt with male police officers

    monica and chandler fly off to meet chandlers dad nora at his gay bar in las vegas called viva las gaygas, rachael ad ross get caught speeding they both inturn flirt with the male police men. joey after seeing pheobes new boyffriend wearing womens underwear confronts pheobe about it and then he goes home and tries on a pair of rachaels underwear. it all ends badly for joey as a girl he hits on sees the underwear and says no, and then chandlers dad a drag queen says yes to going to monica and chandlers wedding so yay for them.
  • Monica and Chandler look for Chandler's dad that dresses like a girl.

    Great episode! I think that Monica can sometimes be to controlling and think she owns it all. Sometimes she is better! Chandler's dad is a freak! Why would he want to be a girl! Everyone is going to be like what the hell at the wedding. Only 2 weeks until Chandler and Monica are married. Finally! Ross could of drove faster! 37 on a free way! That is pretty damn slow! Ross trys to flirt with a man! What a funny dude!