Season 5 Episode 12

The One with Chandler's Work Laugh

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1999 on NBC

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  • Interesting...

    The return of Doug, Chandler's boss after the butt-slapping embargo! Chandler and Doug really spun up the funny, with Chandler making up his own work laugh. I mean, who does that? hahaha!! I really respect the writers of this show man... And the comedic pairing of Joey and Rachel, their misadventures. The fact that Rachel almost found out Monica and Chandler's secret relationship really got me up and wondering whether they will reveal their secret in this episode. Leather pants on Ross, that is a killer. And the powder and lotion, wow, the writers rock. This show will not be burned out.
  • Moinca begins to hang out with Chandler and work and to find out that he has a second more annoying personality. Ross learns that Emily is getting remarried and he hooks up with Janice!

    Good episode. I don't know why Chandler has to have a work laugh he could just use his normal laugh but I think it is because he has to fake the jokes are funny. Why would Rachel want to know more about Chandler and Monica if she already knows that they are going out. The only thing Joey knows is that they had sex where Rachel was sitting. That was funny. I am surprised Rachel didn't tell Ross or Phoebe yet seem she is such a gossip. Monica and Chandler keep beating his boss in tennis and Monica doesn't want them to win one...I wouldn't either.
  • ...

    A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end.
  • a very funny episode

    Monica begins to hang out with Chandler during his work functions since the friends dont know and since they don't have to keep their relationship a secret among his coworkers. However, she learns that Chandler has a second, more annoying personality when he's around his boss his new work laugh is very horrible and he lets his boss win in racquetball much to monica's dissapointmennt, but then they bith suck up to the boss. Meanwhile, Ross learns that Emily is getting remarried and in his grief hooks up with an old nemesis of the gang: Janice. and she eventually dumps him for being so needy and boring. a very good episode, lol ha ha lol. a must watch.
  • A decent episode with a really funny plot for Chandler, Monica and the return of Chandler's old nemesis (now with Ross).

    This is quite a decent episode with another building up for the Chandler Monica love story. Doug returns, though not as impressive as in TOW THE UFC, and Monica spots Chandler fake laughing at his Boss's Joke. She too tries it with even more hilarious effect. But Monica gets mad after Chandler intentionally makes them lose a game to Doug and his wife, even though they are clearly decimating them. Monica thinks of Chandler as a suck-up weasel and tells him to become the boyfriend who she respects. Chandler does so and refusing to laugh at a Doug Joke, however Monica (the loving person that she is) realized that this might jeopardize Chandler and his Boss's work relation and gets Chandler to fake laugh (or work laugh as he calls it.) Phoebe and Joey having nothing much to do, so they have a competition to settle a 'dispute' between the Chick and the Duck. Ross hooks up with Chandler's ex Janice and three of the friends (minus Chandler to add to the 'authenticity' that Chandler is still in Yemen) are shocked and 'judge' him. Ross finds her great because she is able tolerate his whining about his tragic life in this season (which really is). However Janice tells him that she is tired of his whining and tells him that this might not work. When Ross realizes that his whining has become so annoying that its annoying that the annoying Queen, he uses her infamous quote 'OH MY GOD' and then takes it lightheartedly. Janice however freaks out Joey when she says 2 out of 3 and does her famous laugh. Rachel finds it difficult to keep this quiet and tries to talk about it to Monica. Later she overhears Chandler and Monica talking and realizing how Monica loves her as friend and wants to talk to her about it and tries to leave but knocks the lamp down. Monica tries to make up something and an emotional Rachel pretends to buy it and leaves after hugging her. In the funny last scene, Ross tells Chandler about his involvement with Janice and apologizes to him for breaking the rules. Chandler realizing the rules freaks out and reminds him that he got Ross a shelter and that he gave him 27 dollar after just giving him, basically preparing him before telling the big news later on. Overall it was really nice episode because it was one of the first episodes where Monica and Chandler behaved like a loving couple together at a social event. Ross's frustration over Emily's Wedding was quite funny, so was Phoebe listening to the duck and the chick's complaints.
  • Ross & Janice!?

    This episode came in total suprise to me. Well first of all, i have to say I love Maggie Wheeler, so I jumped for joy when I realized she was in this episode. I thought it was again going to be her pursuing Chandler again, but I was wrong. With the mixing of Emily getting remarried, depressed Ross falls in to the arms of Janice. Now Janice is breaking up with Ross? For being whiny? Has the world gone completely insane!? Anyways I lovge seeing Monica's competitive side in this episode. It's just so funny & silly seeing her like that. She was also good at defending Chandler.