Season 5 Episode 12

The One with Chandler's Work Laugh

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1999 on NBC

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  • Moinca begins to hang out with Chandler and work and to find out that he has a second more annoying personality. Ross learns that Emily is getting remarried and he hooks up with Janice!

    Good episode. I don't know why Chandler has to have a work laugh he could just use his normal laugh but I think it is because he has to fake the jokes are funny. Why would Rachel want to know more about Chandler and Monica if she already knows that they are going out. The only thing Joey knows is that they had sex where Rachel was sitting. That was funny. I am surprised Rachel didn't tell Ross or Phoebe yet seem she is such a gossip. Monica and Chandler keep beating his boss in tennis and Monica doesn't want them to win one...I wouldn't either.