Season 3 Episode 5

The One with Frank Jr.

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1996 on NBC

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  • "Ah, the heart of every healthy relationship. Honesty, respect, and sex with celebrities." - Ross

    Phoebe's really excited because her halfbrother Frank Jr. is paying a visit. But it turns out that they don't have that much to talk about. But in the end they seem to get a little bit closer. Even though Frank Jr. always appears to be a little bit stoned he is really funny.
    The celebrities list was really funny, especially Ross who had to categorize every canditate before he could make a decision.
    Joey building an entertainment unit was also funny. I think this episode was okay. The best part was when Isabella Rosselini walks in the the coffee house and Ross tries to hit on her. Ross really is bad at flirting.
  • Not great, but good.

    This is supposed to be a setting stone for Phoebe because she finally has a brother, and tries to bond with him. But I don't really like Frank Jr.'s character, he bugged me a lot through the episode, which made this episode hard to like. He melts things, and tries to have sex with one of Phoebe's friends, when all she wanted was to find a connection or bond. I felt bad for Phoebe toward the end, but then everything turned out okay. Ross trying to find which celebrity he can sleep with was pretty funny. I like when he was actually trying to hit on a celebrity. I love the way she turned him down! Joey being some sort of a construction worker was great, probably the best plot. An okay episode.
  • An average episode with some great moments. I especially liked the Phoebe storyline and her slightly stupid half-brother Frank.

    Phoebe's half-brother Frank visits his new-found sister and the two try to bond which seems to be very difficult. Mmeanwhile Joey has found a new passion: craftsmanship. But building an entertainment unit and retiling Monica's bathroom floors seems to be too much for him. In the meantime, Ross has other problems: He "has" to decide which five celebrities go on his list with "celebrities he is allowed to sleep with"

    This episode has two good storylines and one bad storyline which is in my opinion Ross and his list. Although there were some funny moments it was rather annoying than entertaining. I liked the Frank/Phoebe storyline very much and the whole "melting" thing was just very funny. And Joey trying to build an entertainment unit? Very funny and of course this marks the time Chandler's door is cut in half which persists throughout the show.

    To sum it up, this is an average episode, not the best but still good and funny (as almost every Friends episode)
  • pretty good episode. I kinda liked it.

    The storyline about Phoebe is sort of borring. My favorite part is where she and Frank mentioned their birthdays. I suppose it is just a coincidence but both of those dates have a huge meening in my country. February 16 is independence day of Lithuania and October 25 is the day of our Constitution.
    Ross is quite funny but not the best in this episode.
    However Joey's appearance here is one of the best in entire show. One of my favorite moments in all show is Joey's reaction to Chandler comming to complain after Joey used an electric drill on the wall and almost "got" his roomate.
    Even now it stands in my head: "Oh, did I get 'ya?" and off course Chandlers answer to that - "You get me, you kill me".
    That really was hilarious.
  • its ok ross is funny

    Phoebe's half-brother visits and she offers to give him a massage, but they have trouble bonding when he gets the wrong idea and plus hes a little weird when it comes to his likes and dislikes. Joey attempts to build an entertainment center without consolting chandler who is not best pleased. Ross is challenged to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most and makes a bigmistake when he takes one off.
  • Melting

    Phoebe's new brother likes to melt stuff. That is so great. He tries to melt her a lot of her stuff, her phone, her fire extinguisher! I love that. It was to funny. The character was great secondary character addition. Love to watch him.

    And he likes death stars, excellent.
  • An overall boring episode which is lifted by a few highlights.

    This is an episode I would have categorised as \"boring\" if that was an option. I love Giovanni Ribisi, he is a great actor, but he isn\'t given much good material to work with in this episode. And seeing him and Phoebe fail to bond was more depressing than funny. Joey and the entertainment unit was so-so. And Ross with his list was balancing on the line between funny and annoying.

    Let\'s start with the Frank Jr storyline... It\'s always great to see Frank Jr, but in this episode it felt like they were all out of ideas and settled for pretty much anything. The storyline is not very entertaining and it made me glance at my watch a couple of times. I liked the scene where Phoebe talks to Monica about how she wanted to be close with her brother, it provided some weight to the storyline, but other than that it was a bore.

    Joey building the unit wasn\'t very funny either. However it provided some great lines and comedy moments, particularly when Chandler tripped over his divided door, and when Joey nearly \"gets him\" with the electric drill. Most of the storylines with Joey and Chandler acting like a married couple are hilarious, and the scenes with the two of them are great in this episode. But it\'s not a good enough storyline to hold up throughout the course of an entire episode.

    I thought the bit with Ross and his list was funny, but it came dangerously close to getting annoying. It\'s a typical Geller thing to do, to spend that much time working on something that doesn\'t really matter. However it got close to ridiculous after a while, nobody would put THAT much thought into something like this, and just the fact that they stretched this storyline across the entire episode shows that they were seriously lacking of ideas.