Season 3 Episode 5

The One with Frank Jr.

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1996 on NBC

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  • An overall boring episode which is lifted by a few highlights.

    This is an episode I would have categorised as \"boring\" if that was an option. I love Giovanni Ribisi, he is a great actor, but he isn\'t given much good material to work with in this episode. And seeing him and Phoebe fail to bond was more depressing than funny. Joey and the entertainment unit was so-so. And Ross with his list was balancing on the line between funny and annoying.

    Let\'s start with the Frank Jr storyline... It\'s always great to see Frank Jr, but in this episode it felt like they were all out of ideas and settled for pretty much anything. The storyline is not very entertaining and it made me glance at my watch a couple of times. I liked the scene where Phoebe talks to Monica about how she wanted to be close with her brother, it provided some weight to the storyline, but other than that it was a bore.

    Joey building the unit wasn\'t very funny either. However it provided some great lines and comedy moments, particularly when Chandler tripped over his divided door, and when Joey nearly \"gets him\" with the electric drill. Most of the storylines with Joey and Chandler acting like a married couple are hilarious, and the scenes with the two of them are great in this episode. But it\'s not a good enough storyline to hold up throughout the course of an entire episode.

    I thought the bit with Ross and his list was funny, but it came dangerously close to getting annoying. It\'s a typical Geller thing to do, to spend that much time working on something that doesn\'t really matter. However it got close to ridiculous after a while, nobody would put THAT much thought into something like this, and just the fact that they stretched this storyline across the entire episode shows that they were seriously lacking of ideas.