Season 5 Episode 22

The One with Joey's Big Break

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Joey gets a lead part in a movie just outside of Los Vegas. Chandler had doubts and it causes problems in their friendship.

    Good episode. I know the next two will be awesome. I don't know why touching your eye so bad, I have done it tons of times. At the end when everyone attacked Rachel she should of kept her eyes shut. Does no one have a car except Phoebe who had that taxi?! They could easy buy a used car for cheap and does Rachel take a bus to work because that just cost more money. Joey leaves Chandler on the bridge. Haha. That would suck. Did he just walk along the side of the road where there are no foot paths with fast cars coming?
  • The King and Eye!!!!

    Well I like how Joey finally got a career he can build on and him 7 Chandler get in a fight. I haven't seen a fight this big since last season with Kathy. Well besides that, my favorite plot is Rachel's eye infection. Probably the best scene of Friends is the end when they attack Rachel so she can get her eye drops in. Eye personally agree with Rachel, having things in my eye is just weird and uncomfortable. Anyways sort of a cliffhanger in the end. Joey stays in Vegas but his movie gets shut down. That sucks for him. I guess Chandler was right!
  • Joey gets angry with Chandler when he says he doesn't believe that the movie Joey's going to Las Vegas to shoot is going to be his "big break." Phoebe's angry at Ross but can't remember why. Joey goes to Vegas alone, only to learn Chandler was right.

    This episode is great for a couple reasons: it advances the plot (Joey going to Vegas = the Friends go to Vegas = Monica and Chandler almost get married and Rachel and Ross do) and has some very clever dialogue. Phoebe introduces a game that helps the Friends figure out what they really want when making a decision, which later comes in handy when Ross tries to get Phoebe to remember why she is mad at him. The reason ends up being classic quirky Phoebe--Ross called her a dream.

    My favorite part of the whole episode, however, is when Joey and Chandler are in the car and Joey tells Chandler to "clear his mind" and Chandler says, "Ok, it's completely clear, except for a little purple lamp. Is that ok?" Whenever anyone tells me to clear my mind now, I picture purple lamps.