Season 4 Episode 14

The One with Joey's Dirty Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1998 on NBC

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  • The aftermath.

    This episode mostly is based on the aftermath of Chandler & Kathy's breakup. It was pretty sad to see. I love phase 2. LOL I like how Joey got to the set all dirty and went in to that actor's shower. That was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. I like how they fit in Emily in to the series. It starts out with Rachel's boss from London & Joshua's cub. You think it is just any other guest star but we soon find out we will be hearing wedding bells soon. So it is kind of like Rachel set them up. And detect jealousy from Rachel.
  • Chandler goes through the stages of a break-up as he is depressed that he has parted ways with Kathy, Ross meets Emily--his future bride--and Rachel still pines for Joshua, while Joey runs into Charleston Heston while using his shower.

    After viewing some Friends classic episodes, this is not on of the greatest episodes ever; however it contains some fun storylines and quotes! The most important part of the episode is that Ross meets and dates Emily, who originally comes off as rude and snobby. Yet the two have a great time and end up spending the night together at a Bed & Breakfast. Both Emily\'s attitude and Ross & Emily\'s already rushed relationship foreshadow future events in the season. In other news, Rachel continues to yearn for Joshua who seems not to show much of an interest. Joey\'s audition with Charleston Heston had funny moments, but was not impressive. The funniest part of the episode is Chandler\'s mourning over his break-up with Kathy, as he is forced to go to a strip club with the girls. By the end of the episode Chandler seems to have recovered and the viewer feels happy and satisfied. Overall, not a bad episode by any means, and definitely funny parts--like Pheobe not knowing Pheebs was his nickname--just not quite of a classic as many other FRIENDS episodes!
  • Joey's in a movie with Charlton Heston. Rachel tries to get further with Joshua, and Chandler tries to get over Cathy.

    Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica are hilarious together at the strip club, and Monica and Phoebe are so cute trying to help Chandler get over the break up. Phoebe especially is really wonderful and sweet in this story line, I thought.

    Joey's story is funny, but Charlton Heston did nothing for me in this episode. I liked the story it despite the fact he was in it... I just didn't think he was funny.

    Rachel is at her best and whiny self trying to get Joshua to notice her. Emily and Ross connecting that quick isn't surprising, but how the story progresses just didn't work at all. I get the impression many of the fans felt that way. It just felt too much like a plot device. But the length it goes here in this episode is not too much, so what happens next is just unfortunate.
  • a good episode

    after a three day fishing trip with his dad joey is in trouble after he has an audition and doesn't have time to shower or shave, and ends up in someone elses dressing room having a shower. rachael continuing to have a crush on her new shopper sets ross up with her bosses neice. ross ends up spending a week in vermont with the neice an english girl emily. and poor old chandler is upset after his brakup with kathy that the girls take him to a strip club. a very good episode indeed, worth watching. ha hja ha lol.