Season 6 Episode 19

The One with Joey's Fridge

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2000 on NBC

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  • The Elizabeth arc continues.

    This episode was pretty good. My favorite plot would have to be Monica & Chandler competing with Phoebe to get Rachel a guy. Rachel should of gone with Phoebe's guy. And Rachel ended up going alone, after she blew up at everyone. So that was a funny plot. Joey pushing or trying to make people pay for his fridge was also okay, at least you still get to see Rachel living at Joey's place. Spring Break! For Elizabeth. The MTV scene in the end was hilarious. I cannot believe he is dating Elizabeth and going on spring break with a bunch of teenagers. Well I guess thats what makes it funny.
  • Phoebe and Monica & Chandler compete to get Rachel a date for a charity ball. Joey's fridge is broken and he tries to cajole his friends into helping him buy a new one. Elizabeth tells Ross her intention to visit Daytona Beach for spring break.

    Great episode. More Ross and Elizabeth! They are so funny together. I so want to see more of them!! Monica, Chandler and Phoebe try to make Rachel pick their guy for a date. Is it just me or are Monica and Chandler not as close as before. Joey didn't even do Monica for the fridge. He was so funny asking everyone else for 400 dollars. He was so funny when he pushed Ross into the fridge and said you broke my fridge!!
  • Another great installment of Friends! I just saw this episode for about the 10th time last night on Channel 4 (UK Channel) and it still makes me laugh!

    And so comes another great episode of Friends - this season just seems to be getting better & better!

    When Joey's 30 year old fridge breaks down he blames everyone but himself to get $400 out of them to buy him a new one. Phoebe and Chandler & Monica compete to find Rachel a great guy. Ross worries over Elizabeth going away on Spring Break.

    This is a great episode with the Joey plot being the funniest. I wasn't that keen on the Rachel plot but the Ross & Elizabeth storyline soon made up for that!

    I just saw this episode for about the 10th time last night on Channel 4 (UK Channel) and it still makes me laugh!
  • the one with joeys fridge

    This is literally my favourite episode of friends ever, purely because Joeys insistence that everyone owes him a fridge is laugh out loud funny, a great example of Joeys humour and of the other characters reactions to him this episode makes me giggle every time I watch it.
    Another great line from this episode is this moment:
    Monica: Chandler, do you think we talk about our relationship enough?

    Chandler: Yeah. Do we have any Fruit Roll-Ups?

    cracks me up everytime.

    The story about Phoebe and mondler trying to find dates for rachel isnt too thrilling though, they couldve done better with that story line!