Season 6 Episode 19

The One with Joey's Fridge

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: On several occasions this season, Chandler has pleaded with Joey to take money from him to help with apartment expenses, but when Joey asks for $400 to buy a new fridge, Chandler simply dismisses his request with a joke.

    • Continuity: Ross is concerned that while in Daytona Beach, Elizabeth will be staying at a "party" hotel, which among other things, serves free drinks with every meal. As he learned in the previous episode, however, Elizabeth is not only below the legal drinking age, she takes that fact seriously.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of two snowboarders

    • Goof: In the scene after Sebastian leaves the coffeehouse and Rachel confronts Monica, Chandler and Phoebe for chasing him away, a boom mic is visible at the top of the shot.

    • Goof: When the gang is watching Ross on MTV, the top of the backdrop of the blue sky can been seen.

    • Goof: When Rachel is storming out of Central Perk after meeting the two guys, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe are standing behind the couch. After Rachel asks Eldad about his hair and the camera angle changes, Phoebe vanishes.

    • Goof: When Joey pushes Ross into his fridge, a red box falls from the top of the fridge onto the shelf beside it. A few moments later when Joey turns his body toward Chandler, the red box is back on top of the fridge.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: (coming out of her bedroom in the morning) Hey, Joey, how ya doin'?
      Joey: Great... "roomie".
      Rachel: Huh. Yeah... I guess we are roommates now.
      Joey: Yeah... Now that you bring it up, uh... our fridge is broken. We have to get a new one. I checked around and your half is $400. Thanks a lot, Rach'.
      Rachel: I'm not paying for half of that. I'm only staying here until my apartment gets fixed.
      Joey: Look, Rach', my parents bought this fridge just after I was born, okay? Now, I have never had a problem with it. Then you show up and it breaks. What does that tell ya?
      Rachel: That refrigerators don't live as long as people?

    • Joey: (to Rachel, about the fridge) Alright, now, you know that the ATM will only let you take out $300 at a time. So I'll take a check for the other $100.
      Rachel: You're joking, right?
      Joey: Of course I'm jokin'... I don't take checks!
      Rachel: (turns to leave) ...Thank God you're pretty.

    • Chandler: (sarcastically about Elizabeth) So, why is she leaving? Is it a school night and she has a lot of homework to do?
      Ross: (seriously) Yes, her molecular epidemiology paper is due tomorrow.
      Chandler: (deflated) Oh... Tell her good luck with that.
      Ross: Anyone else? Huh? Bring 'em on.
      Rachel: Oh! When's her birthday?
      Ross: I dunno, Rachel... Why?
      Rachel: Well, y'know, it's just been so long since I've been to Chuck E. Cheese!

    • Monica: Oh, I like Elizabeth.
      Ross: Well, thanks.
      Monica: Yeah, in fact, I like her so much that you tell her I want my cookies early this year! Y'know... a box of Thin Mints and some Tagalongs...

    • Monica: Chandler, do you think we talk about our relationship enough?
      Chandler: Yeah. Do we have any Fruit Roll-Ups?

    • (Phoebe is competing with Monica and Chandler to set up Rachel for a date)
      : Have you seen your guy's body?
      Chandler: No, our guy's just a floating head.

    • Phoebe: My guy has great teeth.
      Chandler: Our guy smells... incredible.
      Monica: Do you want our guy to be your guy?

    • Joey: Suppose we were a... divorced couple...
      Chandler: Uh-huh...
      Joey: ...and I got custody of the kid, right? Now, suppose the kid dies... and I gotta buy a new kid.
      Chandler: Okay...?
      Joey: Give me four hundred dollars!
      Chandler Thank God you're pretty.

    • Ross: You don't understand... Elizabeth was about to ask me to go on a trip with her. Is that taking it slow? I'm not ready for this, okay? What do I tell her?
      Chandler: Just tell her the truth. Tell her you're not ready.
      Ross: I could do that. (considering it) What if she gets upset?
      Chandler: Then you distract her with a Barbie doll.
      (Ross gives Chandler's suggestion the appropriate regard)
      Joey: Or... you could just, y'know... (shoves Ross into the fridge)
      Ross: What the hell are you doing?!
      Joey: Wha... What the hell am I doin'? You just broke my fridge!
      Ross: What? How do you know if... how do you know it's even broken?
      Joey: Oh, you think I don't know what breaks my fridge?!

    • Monica: Hey... How did it go with Elizabeth?
      Ross: Oh, oh, it was fine. Uh, it was just a misunderstanding... She didn't want me to go with her, she just wanted to let me know that she's going to Florida for spring vacation.
      Chandler: Wait a minute... Is she going for spring vacation or is she going for spring break? (makes celebratory fist pumps) Whoo-hoo-hoo!
      Ross: What's... what's the difference?
      Monica: Well, a spring vacation... you're doing nice things with your grandparents. Spring break, you're... doing frat guys.

    • (Phoebe, Monica and Chandler have been competing to set Rachel up with a date, so scare off the guy she found for herself)
      : Actually I, uh, I gotta get going. Give me a call sometime.
      Rachel: Oh, but y'know, no, you didn't give me your phone number...
      Sebastian: Okay! See you later!
      Chandler: (after Sebastian leaves) ...Turns out he is kinda funny.

    • Rachel: I cannot believe you guys! He was really nice and he just left because of you!
      Chandler: Yeah, but Sebastian? ...what is that, a cat's name?
      Phoebe: Yeah, y'know what I noticed, Rachel? ...he scares easy.

    • Joey: (entering Central Perk) Phoebe, there you are... Okay, you broke my fridge. You owe me four hundred bucks!
      Phoebe: Okay, sure.
      Joey: (pleased) Really?
      Phoebe: Ooh! Technically, you owe me six hundred dollars for sending out happy thoughts on your last ten auditions.
      Joey: (considering it) Call it even?
      Phoebe: Okay.

    • Ross: (worrying about Elizabeth on spring break) Well, what if she goes down there and sleeps with a bunch of guys?
      Chandler: Well, maybe you don't marry this one.

    • (Elizabeth is packing for spring break)
      Ross: I'm just being supportive--supportive of you and this whole trip, and, and... (picks up a wisp of a bikini top she is about to pack) What, what is, uh... what's this?
      Elizabeth: It's a bathing suit?
      Ross: To wear in front of people?
      Elizabeth: (giving him a look) ...Is that supportive?
      Ross: (shaking the bikini top) Is this?!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rachel: (to the gang about Sebastian) We just met at the newsstand. We both grabbed for the last Field & Stream...
      Field & Stream is a magazine about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the United States.

    • Joey: I just got this really weird message from Ross. He said turn on MTV.
      MTV, or Music Television, is a cable network that features popular music. During Spring Break MTV has annual party coverage.