Season 8 Episode 19

The One with Joey's Interview

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rachel entering Monica's apartment to tell Joey he is in the Soap Opera Digest puzzle. Joey tells them they also asked him to do an interview but he rejected the interview. Rachel and Ross persuade him to do the interview.

Opening Theme

At Central Perk, Joey undergoes his interview while his friends sit nearby to stop Joey if he says something stupid.

Joey has a female interviewer who asks Joey many questions she starts by asking Joey if he has done anything he is proud of, we then see a sequence of clips from Joey's past showing things he is proud of. After the sequence of clips, Joey tells her there are many things he is proud of.

Joey is then asked what he likes to do in his spare time. We are then shown a sequence of memorable events from Joey's past. The events show that he has done very little productive stuff.

His interviewer then says readers are often interested in how actors get into shape and so asks Joey how he gets into good shape. These clips show more memorable events from previous episodes. Afterwards Joey lies to her saying he doesn't believe in crazy diets and just eats things in moderation.

The interviewer then asks Joey why and how he was killed off a show. Joey is about to reply explaining what he said to his last interviewer when his friends quickly get up to interrupt him.

Next we see Joey showing the person interviewing him his friends. The interviewer then asks his friends if there is anything else the readers should know about Joey. After giving their opinions Joey is asked who his best friend is. All of his friends turn around to see what he says. Clips from previous episodes are shown, each one with a different friend and him connecting. After the clips Joey tells her that he has no best friends just lots of close friends.

Joey is then asked if he is gay, we see a sequence of clips showing times when Joey has acted in a homosexual way. In response to the question asked Joey says he isn't gay but that he has a lot of close friends who are, causing Ross and Chandler to look at him in a confused way.

Finally Joey is asked about his romantic life and how he is with women. We see a sequence of clips showing Joey say to women "Hey, how you doing?" In response to the question Joey then says he doesn't have much to say and he is quite shy.

The interviewer says that she has everything she needs and goes to leave. Joey walks over to his friends to tell them that he did quite well. The interviewer then comes back to quickly ask Joey what other soap operas Joey watches. Joey mistakenly says he "doesn't watch them; he actually has a life…"

Back at Monica's apartment Phoebe finds out they didn't publish the last things Joey said. Joey tells her he had to sleep with the interviewer to stop them being published.

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