Season 6 Episode 5

The One with Joey's Porsche

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on NBC

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  • a good episode

    Joey finds the keys to a Porsche in Central Perk and while trying to find the owner, he winds up pretending he owns the car including standing by a porsche pretending its his.. Meanwhile, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe babysit Alice and Frank's triplets and they suck at it they lose the babies and , and Rachel and Ross continue to deal with ending their marriage including going to their annulment person saying that ross is on drugs, but ross denies this and the annulment still doesent happen.

    i wpould recomend this episode to anyona as it has some funny quotes. lol ha ha lol.
  • Joey finds keys to a Porsche, Rachel tries to get anulled from Ross.

    Joey finds keys to a Porsche and tries to find the owner, but after noticing people complimenting him on the car, he is reluctant to let it go. Phoebe is left alone with the triplets after Chandler gets a toy stuck in his throat. Rachel makes up stories to try and get an anullment from Ross, but in the end Ross doesn't go along with it and they have to file for divorce. There isn't much to say about this episode, The One With Joey's Porsche is below average for friends standards but still great, with funny moments here and there, as usual.
  • Joey finds a Porsche. Monica, Chandler and Phoebe babysit Frank and Alice's tripelts. Ross and Rachel end their marriage.

    Great episode! Awesome person! Good story line! Chandler can sometimes be so stupid but so funny at the same time! Rachel really can scare Ross which is so funny! Ross was so awesome when he tore the paper from the typewriter and Rachel yelled at that lady! Joey trys to act cool after he finds the person who loses his Porsche. Cool Joey!! That is dumb that a guy would leave his keys because someone would just steal, duh! Joey should of took it for a ride because it was the owners fault! Who is dumb enough to leave their keys somewhere?!
  • Ross & Rachel get divorced.

    Well after the big blowout from the last episode, the arc continues and ends, and Ross and Rachel have a loving moment, in the beginning, it was just funny, cause Rachel was yelling half the time, and at the lawyer, and the typewriter. But when they finally get divorced, it's like they didn't want to get divorced deep down. Then they remember the night in the casino. It was Rachel's idea to get married! Who knew? Joey's plot was hardly funny, and a filler. Phoebe taking care of triplets was a great development as Phoebe being the surrogate. She got to take care of the triplets. Chandler swallowing a toy, was hysterical!