Season 8 Episode 10

The One with Monica's Boots

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2001 on NBC

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  • Monica buys some new boots that are alot of money. Chandler isnt happy but lets her keep them. They start to hurt her alot but does not dare tell chandler meanwhile pheobe wants tickets to stings concert and comes up with a good plan.

    This episode is defenitly one of my favourites. i think the best bit in the episode is pheobe wanting the tickets to stings concert and then her finding out Ben goes to the same school as him. I find it so funny when she is singing Ross Can! This is my favourite quotation in the episode:
    Ross: Im sorry Pheobe i just cant do it!
    Pheobe: Yes u can Sting sed so himself!
    Ross: Wat?
    Pheobe: Ross Can!
    Ross: I just cant do it...
    Pheobe: Rosssss caaaannn!
    Ross: Pheobe...
    Pheobe: Roossss Caannn Get me the tickets, Rosss cannn get me the tickets.
    I didnt get why she did this until someone explained the sting song to me!
    I love this classic episode.
    This is excatly why i watch friends to make me laugh!