Season 8 Episode 10

The One with Monica's Boots

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2001 on NBC

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    I can tell you one thing this episode wasn't: entertaining. Not interesting to the slightest. Courtney Cox was probably the only the good thing about this episode, with her reaction times and her response in general to the "boots." All the plots didn't seem like Friends. Friends used to be about making it in New York City, and a bit more serious and realistic plots, but still managed to be funny. This episode was a perfect example of what Friends should NOT be.

    Did anyone really care about Joey's sister, Dina? Such a filler, yes she's pregnant, so is Rachel, and we already went over that, so... enough. You can tell this was a filler, because there was absolutely no mention of Dina after this episode. Not even a mention, saying she's fine, she delivered the baby. Dina's character was also not likable. Phoebe becoming a crazy stalker for Sting tickets was humorous, but not realistic, and yeah, sure Phoebe's weird, but she has never gone to this extent for Sting tickets. Remember when she used to care about Ben? She seemed as though she didn't care for Ben, just for comical relief. There's being funny, and then there's being ridiculous. Monica and the boots were funny, but did we really have to make this the MAIN plot? This was just about boots that bothered Monica. Snore. All that was good was Monica's reaction time and response to the boots. I didn't say the plot was good.

    So to sum it up, this episode was mediocre, and you wouldn't be missing much if you missed this episode of Friends.