Season 7 Episode 1

The One with Monica's Thunder

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2000 on NBC

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  • Just an average episode. Matthew Perry was really weird in this episode.

    In the season premiere, the guys are celebrating Monica and Chandler's engagment, Phoebe wants to sing at their wedding, Rachel wants to get back with Ross for one night stand, and Joey has to play a 19-year-old.

    I personally wasn't so surprised or anything with this episode, it is just an average episode of Friends. Monica is angry on Rachel for taking her thunder away, and of course, the scene, as well as other scenes, is funny, but I feel like the writers did this one already.

    Rachel feels weird, because Monica is engaged, and she wants to have a one night stand with Ross, which I don't actually approve so much, considering their past. But, those scenes are also very funny, and I guess it's OK to have a one night stand, after so many years after their breakup.

    Phoebe is, in my opinion, the best in this episode, as she is doing her best to convince Monica and Chandler to sing on their wedding, but Joey is good too.

    And one of the things I hate about this episode is the fact that Matthew Perry was really weird in this episode. He was speaking weirdly, he looks like he drank before the episode, and I'm glad that he's much more better in the upcoming episodes.

    All in all, a good, but not above average episode.