Season 1 Episode 11

The One with Mrs. Bing

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 1995 on NBC

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  • When Monica causes a guy to get hit and go into a coma, her and Phoebe fight for his attention in the hospital while Chandler's romance novelist mother comes to town and kisses Ross.

    This episode never got my attention. I found it boring. Perhaps because they focus on Mrs. Bing rather than on the characters. The show is supposed to be about the 6 of them as adults, not the 6 of them trying to deal with their issues with their parents. And it is never clear why Chandler was embarrased by his mom in the first place. Most guys would love a mother who is open-minded and liberal enough to buy their teenage sons condoms. It just didn't make sense as a plot line and that is why the entire episode failed. The coma guy sub plot was mildly interesting...but they rushed the ending of it. As soon as he wakes up he has no idea who they are. If I got hit by a vehicle due to someone calling my attention, I would think I would remember their face.
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