Season 9 Episode 5

The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The friends are at Central Perk hanging out, when Phoebe invites them to her birthday dinner. Rachel says that either she or Ross has to stay home to watch Emma, but Ross suggests that they can both go to Phoebe's dinner. Phoebe is excited, because it will be the first time that the six of them have hung out together in a while. Monica then says that they are together right now, but Rachel says that Chandler is not present, to which Monica exclaims "Oh dear God!"

Meanwhile, Chandler is holding a meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He notices that one of his colleagues is smoking and Chandler becomes irritated. The employee explains that in Oklahoma it is okay to smoke in an office with 15 people or less. She offers him one, and he declines. He then says that if the others at the meeting want to smoke, they can. It turns out that everyone there, except Chandler, smokes. He then decides to light up.

Back in New York, Monica is planning a romantic evening for her and Chandler. Since she is ovulating, she and Chandler want to try and make a baby before dinner. Chandler arrives back and tries to cover up the cigarette smoke. Monica eventually finds out, and gets upset. The two start arguing with each other about the situation. Still angry, they then decide to have sex, despite the fact that they are already late for Phoebe's birthday dinner.

Ross and Rachel are getting ready to leave, but Rachel is really nervous about leaving Emma alone for the first time. Ross's mom is coming to babysit, but she is running late, so Rachel decides that she should stay at home. Ross attempts to convince her to go to the restaurant first, but they end up getting locked out of the apartment. While they wait for Ross's mom, Rachel panics over what might be happening to Emma.

Phoebe and Joey are waiting at the restaurant for the others. The waiter tells them that they should move to a smaller table, since there are other guests who want their table. After an hour, the Maître d' requests that they move to a smaller table. Ross and Rachel eventually show up along with Ross's mom, who is babysitting Emma. Monica and Chandler arrive and are still arguing with each other. Phoebe becomes angry with everyone, because with everything else going on, nobody is paying attention on her birthday. Phoebe's boyfriend, Mike, calls her since he got off work early and she decides to ditch her friends to spend the evening with him. Monica, who is still ovulating, and Chandler decide to go home to have sex. This leaves Joey all by himself, but he is rewarded with the rest of the gang's dinner, as well as Phoebe's birthday cake.