Season 9 Episode 5

The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC

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    The story of Phoebe's birthday party, which, in the end only Joey attends. Great, of course it is - it's friends! It starts in the coffee house as usual Phoebe's birthday dinner is booked for halloween which Joey think is spooky. Mike isn't coming so its just the 6. Over in Tulsa all of Chandler's colleagues smoke, he gets tricked into it. Over at Monica's house Chandler arrives home. Monica starts being sexy and Chandler acts weird. She rats him out and they start arguing. At Rachel's she doesn't want to leave Emma. While Ross is trying to get her out, he locks them both out. Emma is still inside. Phoebe and Joey are at a fancy restaraunt, the waiter try to get them to a smaller table. Monica and Chandler can't stop arguing. Monica tricks Chandler into having sex, meanwhile, Ross and Rachel are still locked out and are waiting for Judy to arrive. The matre'd is still pressuring Joey and Phoebe into moving to a smaller table. Phoebe caves in and moves because Joey left to go to the toilet. Chandler doesn't want to have sex but Monica tricks him into it. Judy finally arrives and Rachel still doesn't want to leave. As soon as Phoebe and Joey order Rachel and Ross arrive, over an hour late with Judy at the bar with Emma. Rachel can't stop thinking about Emma. 5 minutes later Monica and Chandler arrive. Rachel makes a toast which she never finishes because she can't stop thinking about Emma. Phoebe has an outburst because she's so annoyed at everyone. Mike calls to say he's off work, Phoebe immediatley goes to him, leaving only 5 left. Rachel and Ross then leave to look after Emma, as Judy is drunk. Chandler and Monica then decide to go and have sex again. Just as they leave everyones food arrives. Joey eats it all, and the birthday cake that arrives.
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