Season 2 Episode 4

The One with Phoebe's Husband

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a man with flowers (Duncan) knocking on the door to Monica and Rachel's apartment. Rachel answers the door to find Duncan looking for Phoebe. When he learns she no longer lives there, he tells Rachel to tell Phoebe "her husband stopped by." Phoebe married Duncan because he was her friend who happened to be a gay Canadian who needed his green card. He is in town because he will be in the ice capades at Madison Square Gardens. Monica is upset that Phoebe never shared this with her all the time they lived together, and Phoebe explains its because of Monica's harsh judgement. This spurns a frenzy where Monica reveals a secret about Chandler: he has a third nipple. Chandler, mortified, reveals a secret of Joey's: he was in a porno. At Central Perk, it is almost closing time. Rachel is cleaning up as Julie says goodbye to Ross. After she leaves, Ross asks Rachel if its normal for a couple like him and Julie to not have had sex yet. Seeing this as her carpe diem moment, Rachel tells him that even when Julie begs for sex, what she really wants is for him to say no and wait. Ross buys it and Rachel is happy. Later that night at his apartment where the gang is having a dinner, Ross thanks Rachel for the advice but will use the advice that Joey gave, which is to have sex that night. At Madion Square Garden, Phoebe visits Duncan in his dressing room. Phoebe asks why Duncan sought her out. He needs a divorce so he can get married again. He is not gay, he is straight and Phoebe's shocked. Duncan tells Phoebe that he thought he was gay too, but he just couldn't deny being straight any longer. Phoebe signs the divorce papers and the couple is officially divorced. Back at Ross' apartment, Chandler, Joey and Monica are ready to leave. Rachel does not want to leave because Ross will have sex with Julie. She thinks quick and decides she wants to know all about Julie even if it takes all night. Rachel uses every chance she can to either mistakenly hear something Julie said or to ask a question about something Julie said. Chandler, Joey and Monica have had enough and they get up and they head out for the hallway. Rachel follows them, but as she leaves she tells Ross that he might be nervous since it is his first time with Julie, which will make or break the relationship. Ross went from not nervous to completely nervous and Rachel urges him to delay the sex, but he doesn't want to because last year he was so miserable and now he is so happy because of Julie. This hits home for Rachel and she realizes that she can't expect Ross' life to stop because she was late in returning his affection. She swallows her pride and tells him it's a good idea to be with Julie.

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