Season 9 Episode 12

The One with Phoebe's Rats

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2003 on NBC

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  • Rat babies...RAT BABIES!

    A shoe box full of rat babies. There are no words for how funny this is. The ending scene is a particularly funny one, that ironicly doesn't have much to do with the box of rat babies...rat babies!!!

    Rachel: Do you see what all the guys see in her?
    Monica: I wouldn't kick her out of bed. No more vodka for me.
  • Phoebe and her pet rats...

    Good episode! Phoebe had a pet rat- Bob who is actually a girl and has babies. I wasn't freaked out by it but I wouldn't want rats because they crap everywhere and get everything. Gavin and Rachel have more fights. Ross tells Joey to stay away from their new nanny and she is a lesbien!! I thought Ross wanted her from himself but I was wrong. Joey was so shocked! Its Rachel birthday and at the end Gavin and Rachel end up kissing which Ross sees from his apartment. Monica was so funny that her party is cleaning up! Lol.
  • Rachel continues bickering with Gavin at work, but after Monica invites Gavin to Rachel's birthday party. Chandler revels in his time off from work and Ross spends most of the episode trying to keep Joey away from Emma's nanny.

    This episode is pretty average by Friend's standards. I've always enjoyed Rachel's work storylines and the arguing between Rachel and Gavin is pretty amusing. The ending (when they kiss on the balcony) was pretty predictable.
    Also predictable was the fact that Joey went after Ross and Rachel's "hot nanny." But the reaction when they discovered she was a lesbian was pretty funny. Matthew Perry is always my favorite, but he didn't have much to do in this episode other than watch TV and keep Joey and Molly (the nanny apart.) My least favorite storyline here was Phoebe and Mike with the rats. Obviously, a TV show with 6 characters is always going to have some sort of trivial storyline so that everyone's involved, but I generally find myself the least interested in Phoebe's stories and this one really bored me.
  • Mike Discovers Phoebe Has Rats As Pets, Ross Tries To Stop Joey From Making A Move On Emma's Nanny, And Gavin Gives Rachel A Very Special Birthday Present.

    Mike Discovers Phoebe Has Rats As Pets Living In Her Cupboards And Sets Rat Traps Much To The Dismay Of Phoebe, Gavin And Rachel Bicker A Lot, But By The End Of The Episode, Gavin Gives Rachel A Scarf For Her Birthday And Kisses Her, And Ross Tries To Stop Joey From Making A Move On Emma's New Nanny, 'Molly' But There Really Was No Need Because Molly Was A Lesbian!,Her Girlfriend 'Tabitha' Turned Up At The End Of The Episode.
    This Episode Was Just Great For Laughs, Phoebe Has Given Her Rats Names! 'Bob' And 'Susie' (Bob Was Accidentally Killed By A Rat Trap!)

    I Love This Episode!
  • The scarf

    My wife LOVES the scarf Rachel received from Gaven. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what style/kind/fabric that might be? Or a brand? Anything that can help me?