Season 4 Episode 11

The One with Phoebe's Uterus

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1998 on NBC
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Phoebe considers her options when her brother visits with his new wife and asks her to carry their child. Joey works as a tour guide at Ross's museum and tries to tear down the walls between tour guides and scientists. And Chandler seeks advice from Monica and Rachel after he fears that he will not live up to Kathy's sexual expectations--especially since the last guy she slept with before him was Joey.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Phoebe is going to hold her brother's baby.

    A big arc in Season 4 which is one of the things that made this season so wonderful. Kathy & Phoebe Sr. reprise there recurring roles in this episode. Kathy was hilarious on how grateful she was to Monica. Monica was pretty creepy in this episode with the seven spots. Frank & his wife return expecting Phoebe to have their baby. Big plot guys. The puppy was cute. The end was really funny. "That was my puppy" Also when Chandler said a joke wrong. Very hysterical. This episode starts a whole new arc after the whole Chandler/Joey/Kathy feud. And this episode was the perfect way to start it.moreless
  • A very sweet episode, with Phoebe doing the ultimate self-less deed.

    This is a really good episode overshadowed by one of the best episode next in line(The One with The Embryos).

    It starts of with Alice and Frank who request Phoebe to be their surrogate.

    This is obviously a big decision and consults her friends who are willing to offer full supports but only after she really thinks about this. So she consults her birth mother and Phoebe Sr gives Phoebe Jr a cute little puppy so that she would know how it feels to give up something you love. Phoebe adores the puppy and realizes its impossible for her to give the puppy away. However when she gives the puppy to Alice and Frank, she realizes that her happiness lies in their happiness and is ready carry their baby. However the ending is awkward with Phoebe Sr demanding her puppy back. Ross gets Joey a job in the museum as a tourist guide though he doesn't know a squat about dinosaurs (in his own words). However it comes up that there is a divide in the cafeteria with white color scientist sitting together and blue blazered tour guides sitting together, and Joey visibly feels upset when Ross doesn't sit next to him. While Joey,(the sweet guy that he is) doesn't seem to mind as he is used to the hardship in the acting business, Ross feels horribly guilty and decides to bring about a revolution of sorts by requesting Joey to eat with him in the middle and it leads to funny chain of events. Chandler is afraid of being able to satisfy Katie as good as Joey could (though its all in his head) and asks Monica and Rachel for suggestion and Monica draws the erogenous zone map and in one of the funniest Monica Moment, she and Rachel feels fully satisfied totally creeping out Chandler. In the last scene Katie comes all the way and thanks Monica and Rachel.

    The funniest scene of the episode according to me is when Chandler botches a joke about Joey's blue blazer and Ross,Monica and Rachel though totally aware of what he meant mocks him and he ends up looking like an idiot. Lisa Kudrow proved why she is such a terrific actress in this episode like many other.moreless
  • a good episode.

    pheobes brother frank jnr comes to stay and asks her to be a surrogate mother for him and his wife. joey works as a tour guide for ross's museum and tries to tear down the segregation of guides o scientists. and finally chandler asks monica and rachael for advice on how to live up to kathy's sexual expectatyions after her last boy friend joey and teaches him the 11 orogionus zones of a female. in the end pheobe comes in and asks the gang if she should be asurrogate mother. so all in all it is a good episode lol.moreless
  • Decent, but not one of the best.

    It's a good episode. It's not one of the best, but it is needed. Phoebe contemplates whether she should carry her brother and sister-in-law's baby. Joey, needing job, becomes a tour guide at the museum where Ross works.

    It is a filler episode, a let's get to the action one. This episode introduces us to Phoebe carrying the baby. Without it we would jump into Phoebe being pregnant and that would be just be weird not knowing why or how she got there.

    Ross and Joey's storyline together is good. Joey breaks down the walls at the musuem and he's funny, of course.moreless
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Sherri Shepherd


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Miles Marsico

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Giovanni Ribisi

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Phoebe Abbott Sr.

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    • Monica: Now, everyone knows the basic erogonist zones. (drawing them on paper) You have one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.
      Chandler: There are seven?
      Rachel: Let me see that. (looks at drawing) Oh, yeah.
      Chandler (points): That's one?
      Monica: Kind of an important one.
      Chandler: Oh, you know what? I- I was looking at it upside down.
      Rachel: Ah, well, you know, sometimes that helps.
      Monica: Okay, now most guys will hit one, two and three and then go to seven and set up camp.
      Chandler: Th- That's bad?
      Rachel: Well, if you go to Disneyland, you don't spend the whole day on the Matterhorn.
      Chandler: Well, you might if it were anything like seven.

    • Chandler: Look, you have to help me. I know what to do with a woman, I know where everything goes. It's always nice. But I need to know what makes it go from nice to 'my god, somebody's killing her in there.

    • Monica: So, did you do it?
      Chandler: Yes, yes. We had the sex.
      Monica: Uh oh. It was bad?
      Chandler: It was fine, y'know. But she didn't agree with me as strongly as she agreed with Joey. She was more like, 'well, I see your point, I'm alright with it.'
      Monica: Well, it was the first time. There's not always a lot of agreement the first time.
      Rachel: Yeah, not for girls anyway. Guys agree (snaps fingers) like that.

    • Phoebe: Frank Jr. and Alice got married!
      Rachel: That's great!
      Phoebe: And they're gonna have a baby! And they want me to grow it for them in my uterus!
      Ross: Oh my God.
      Monica: Are you serious?
      Phoebe: Yeah!
      Joey: You're really thinking of having sex with your brother?

    • Ross: I'm really, really sorry about what happened in the cafeteria today.
      Joey: It's no big deal. Hey, y'know, you do what you gotta do. Right?
      Ross: But hey, it's not just me, I mean the scientists and the tour guides never sit together.
      Joey: Whatever.
      Ross: It's like that everywhere, Joey! Okay, Mon, back me up here. Where you work the uh, waiters eat with the waiters, right? And the chefs eat with the other chefs, right?
      Monica: I eat by myself in the alley because everybody hates me.

    • Joey: Uh, do you mind sitting there? I'm, I'm saving this for my friend Ross.
      Tour Guide: You mean Dr. Geller?
      Joey: Doctor? Wow! I didn't know he had a nickname.

    • Chandler: So what job did you get Joe?
      Joey: Oh, ah, tour guide at the museum. Yeah, Ross got it for me.
      Rachel: Well, how can you be a tour guide? Don't you have to be a dinosaur expert or something?
      Joey: No, not really. They give you all the information, it's uh, it's like memorizing a script. (Acting like a tour guide) "And on your left, you have Tyrannosaurus Rex, a carnivore from the Jurassic period".
      Chandler, Monica, & Rachel: Great! That's great!
      Ross: Uh, actually Joey, it's the Cretaceous period.
      Joey: Yeah but, I can pronounce Jurassic.

    • Chandler: Well, Kathy's last boyfriend was Joey.
      Ross: And you're afraid you won't be able to... fill his shoes.
      Chandler: No, I'm afraid I won't be able to make love as well as him.
      Ross: Yeah, I was going for the metaphor.
      Chandler: Yes, and I was saying the actual words.

    • Chandler: All right, all right, I'll go sleep with my girlfriend. But I'm just doing it for you guys.

    • Monica: So big deal. So Joey's had a lot of girlfriends, it doesn't mean he's great in bed.
      Chandler: We share a wall! So either he's great in bed, or she just likes to agree with him a lot.

    • Monica: Everybody knows the basic erogenous zones. You got one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. All right. You could start out with a little one. A two. A one, two, three. A three. A five. A four. A three, two. Two. A two, four, six. Two, four, six. Four. Two. Two. Four, seven! Five, seven! Six, seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven!(Louder) Seven! (Leans back and holds up seven fingers while mouthing seven). And there you are.

    • Kathy: I love this tushy. Can I take it to work with me?
      Chandler: Sure, it's not really mine anyway. Came with the pants.

    • Rachel: I don't know if I could do that. I always figured the first time I had a baby, it would be with someone I love, and that baby was, you know, a keeper.
      Phoebe: You guys were a lot more supportive when I wanted to make denim furniture.

    • Phoebe: Well, they said that I had to think about it first, but I ... what is there to think about? I'm gonna be giving someone the greatest gift you can possibly give.
      Chandler: You're gonna carry their child and get them a Sony Play Station?

    • Phoebe: (About Frank Jr. and Alice) It's her egg and his sperm, and I'm, I'm just the oven, it's totally their bun.

    • Chandler: I don't know, but Donald Trump called... he wants his blue blazer black!
      Ross: What?
      Chandler: Blue blazer back, he wants it back.
      Rachel: You said black! Why would he want his blue blazer black?
      Chandler: Well, you, you knew what I meant.
      Monica: No, no, you messed it up! You're stupid!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Rachel: Oh I can't watch this. It's like Sophie's Choice.

      Sophie's Choice is a 1982 film starring Meryl Streep, about a woman who was forced by Nazis to choose life for one child, and death for the other.

    • Chandler: (About Phoebe's puppy) Why is Phoebe singing to Karl Malden?

      Karl Malden is an Emmy Award-winning, Oscar-winning, and Golden Globe-nominated American actor.