Season 10 Episode 14

The One with Princess Consuela

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Ross hugs Rachel in Central Perk, after finding out she has been fired, he leans his face against hers twice.

    • Goof: After Phoebe told Monica and Chandler her new name, Monica exclaimed "Phoebe!" and Phoebe corrected her by saying "Princess Consuela." However, a couple of seconds after, Monica asked if they have to called her that, but she said her friends have to call her "Valerie."

    • Goof: At the very beginning of the episode when Mike & Phoebe and Chandler & Monica are eating dinner, the microphone is visible at the top of the screen.

    • Goof: In the scene where Phoebe and Mike discuss Phoebe's name change, you can see Mike's scarf change from tied to untied repeatedly between shots.

    • Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that Monica never legally changed her last name from Geller to Geller-Bing.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: (on the phone) I mean, this soap opera is a great gig, but... am I missing opportunities? You know, I've always thought of myself as a serious actor. I mean, should I be trying to do more independent movies?
      (a wider shot reveals he is on the phone with the young girl from the house on Long Island, Mackenzie)
      Mackenzie: I don't know... You know what? I'm gonna put you on with my bear. Hold on. (puts the phone at the bears ear)
      Joey: Hey, Bear, I need some career advice.

    • Mackenzie: Who are you?
      Joey: I'm Joey. My idiot friends are buying the house.
      Mackenzie: I'm Mackenzie. My idiot parents are selling the house.

    • Phoebe: Hey Mon, was it weird changing your name to Geller-Bing?
      Monica: No, no. It felt nice to acknowledge this.
      Phoebe: Where did you go to do it?
      Monica: Hum the... the ministry... of names... bureau...

    • Chandler: We've got a couple of things we've got to check out at the new house. You want to come with us?
      Joey: No, thank you.
      Monica: All right. I know you're not happy about us moving, but you're the only one who hasn't seen the house.
      Chandler: Yeah, come with us. You'll see how close it is to the city.
      Joey: But no, it's not close. You said it was in escrow? I couldn't even find it on the map.

    • Chandler: How'd the interview go?
      Rachel: Oh! It's not good.
      Chandler: You know, I always feel that way after an interview. I'll bet it went better than you think.
      Rachel: Well, I didn't get the job at Gucci and I got fired from Ralph Lauren.
      Chandler: That is a bad interview.

    • Joey: This place is great. I'm so happy for you guys. Although, you know, I hope you like fungus.
      Chandler: What?
      Joey: Fungus! Yeah. Place is full of it.
      Monica: No, it's not. We had an inspection and they didn't find anything.
      Joey: Okay. Then I guess I have dry eyes and a scratchy throat for no reason.
      Monica: Maybe because you hung your head out of the window like a dog the whole ride here.
      Joey: Maybe. So this is the living room huh? Oh, it's pretty dark.
      Monica: No, it's not!
      Joey: Are you kiddin'? I think I just saw a bat in the corner!
      Chandler: When your head was hanging out the window, it didn't hit a mailbox, did it?

    • Ross: See? I told you something good would come along. And he seemed really nice. I've met him before?
      Rachel: Ross! That's Mark. From Bloomingdales? You were insanely jealous of him.
      Ross: That is Mark?
      Rachel: Yes.
      Ross: I hate that guy! No, no, no, you cannot go to dinner with him.
      Rachel: What? You don't want me to get a job?
      Ross: Oh yeah, I'm sure he's gonna give you a job. Maybe make you his sexretary.

    • Ross: Who said something better would come along, huh? You didn't believe me. I told you everything was gonna work out. You know what? This calls for a bottle of Israels finest.
      Rachel: The job is in Paris. (They all stare at each other.)

    • Ross: How was dinner?
      Rachel: Oh, it was great. Mark is so sweet.
      Ross: Oh yeah? Yeah? I wonder why? What could that smarmy letch possibly want?
      Rachel: Oh Ross, come on. He's happily married. His wife just had twins.
      Ross: Should we send something?

    • Ross: Gunther, we need six glasses.
      Gunther: Really? You're inviting me to have some?
      Ross: Oh, I thought Joey was here. Then five would be good. (Realizes what he did) Wow, I'm gonna get a loogie in my coffee tomorrow.

    • Joey: I bet you I can even get Mike to do that thing. What is it?
      (Phoebe whisper's into Joey's ear)
      Joey: I am not gonna help you do that!

    • Joey: Guess what? I finally got that seed out of my teeth.
      Monica: I don't know who I'm happiest for.
      Phoebe: I do. He's been working on that all day.

    • Phoebe: (To Monica and Chandler) Apparently you can change it to anything you want. So I thought, all right, here's an opportunity to be creative. So meet Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

    • Rachel: (To maitre d') Hi, I'm here to see Mr Campbell with Gucci. The reservation is probably under Gucci. It's spelled like "Gukky" which could be confusing.

    • Ross: That guy Mark, from Bloomingdale's. She thinks he's just being nice to her. But I know he really wants to sleep with her.
      Chandler: It's seven years ago. My time machine worked!

    • Joey: I just talked to the little girl who lives here and she made me feel a lot better.
      Chandler: Joey, a girl used to live here, but she died like, 30 years ago.
      Joey: What?!
      Chandler: No, I'm just messing with you.
      Joey: That's not funny! You know how scared I am of little girl ghosts!

    • Joey: Oh, I know! We can go in there and you can tell them the house is haunted.
      Mackenzie: What are you, eight?
      Joey: Well, I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas!
      Mackenzie: I don't have any good ideas. I am eight.

    • Mike: Aren't you going to introduce me?
      Phoebe: This is my husband... Crap Bag.
      Mike: If you need help remembering it, just think of a bag of crap.

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  • Allusions

    • Rachel: I have a meeting tomorrow with Gucci. Gucci wants me!

      Gucci is a popular designer clothing brand founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921.