Season 7 Episode 4

The One with Rachel's Assistant

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2000 on NBC

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  • The Tag arc begins.

    Rachel is the boss of it all this season. Like Joanna was. As Rachel gets her own office and a new assistant! I didn't really like the Tag arc. So it was just okay. Rachel trying to decide which assistant to pick was funny. And Phoebe being on her back was also funny. After all the fuss last season with Mac & Cheese. It gets cancelled. So much for the flashback episode. But Joey gets on Days of Our Lives again! Monica, Chandler & Ross all embarassing each other was hilarious. We learned a lot of new things from the friends.
  • While hiring a new assistant, Rachel is torn between hiring a much more qualified woman, or a handsome but inexperienced young man. Monica, Chandler and Ross engage in a war of secret sharing after Monica and Chandler vow to be more honest.

    Better than the one before this. I quite liked Joey show with the robot. I would watch it! It was funny! That would be cool if Joey came back on Days Of Our Lives. If he doesn't he is going to be jobless and he already worked at Central Perk. He sure has been around. I so knew that Monica's and Phoebe's sercret wasn't that could because you can tell by the way they did in front of Chandler and Monica wanted Chandler to go first. If I was Chandler I would tell Monica to go first or make something lame up.
  • Very good.

    Monica and Chandlers relationship is tested to the max when Monica, Chandler and Ross tell embarassing stories about their pasts. Rachel is promoted at work and decides to hire an assistant and she has to choose between a hot guy who has little experiance or a fully quilified geeky lady and while Joey's show (Mac and C H E E S E) gets axed after one episode, he re-auditions for Days Of Our Lives and expects to get the part automatically since he used to be a regular.

    It is a pretty good and funny episode. We learn a lot about Chandler, Monica and Ross's past.
  • unrealistic but funny

    Rachel gets promoted and gets to hire her own assistant. One of the recipants is a well qualified woman and the other is an inexperianced 24 year old. When she interiviews Tag for the job she takes pictures of him and tell him it's for human resources perposes. My favorite part is when she hires Tag and Phoebe comes up to visit her and sees Tag "YOu must be Hilda" that was the woman's name she should have hired. THen they got into Rachels office and Phoebe says "so you hired yourself a little treat did ya?" THis was another funny episode.
  • Hilarious episode

    Great episode in one storyline, ok in one, but not too good in the other. Joey gets an offer to go back on days of our lives, but when he finds out he has to audition, he denies it. After Mac n Cheese being cancelled, he begs to the producer to let him go back. He gets the role of Dr drake Ramoray in a coma. This storyline is ok because it has funny moments but doesn't have any of the other friends with it, it's just Joey. Rachel has to choose between a competent and experienced person or Tag, who she is attracted to, to be her assistant. She chooses Tag. Even though Phoebe appears in the storyline, there are not really any other great moments in it. The great storyline is between Monica Chandler and Ross. Chandler thinks him and Monica should tell each other all of their secrets. Most of these are absolutely hilarious and that storyline is what saves this episode from being below average for friends standards. Overall there are a lot of funny moments, but most of them are with the Monica, Chandler and Ross storyline.