Season 7 Episode 21

The One with Rachel's Big Kiss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2001 on NBC

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  • Kiss and Tell

    I l.ove the kissing scene between Jennifer aniston and Winoma ryder, but the set up to that kiss, that I don't like. In the beginning when Ryder enter the shop to buy cigraetttes, I wish the show would taking a stand on smoking. the show has alwayds been flip-flop bwtween a pro smoking stance and an anti-smoking stance. to make matter, all the cast members of "Friends' smoke, except for one cast member. That show doesn't promte good health. Now back to the episode, Well not only Jennifer Aniston kiss Winoma Ryder, But also kiss Lisa Krukow. I only wish that scene became more sexual. That episode of "Friends" had miss an opportunity of taking a stance on gay rights.
  • Rachel's sorority sister Melissa who she shared a kiss with returns. Ross and Chandler compete to see who can get the best celebrity tuxedo for the wedding. Monica invites Joey's parents to the wedding at the last minute.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Friends! It is definitely one of the best from the 7th season. Winona Ryder is funny and Lisa Kudrow's sarcastic attitude towards Rachel's kiss is one of her best performances. All 3 of the plot lines for this episode kept me interested. Monica's call to Joey's parents inviting them at the last minute to the wedding was laugh out loud funny. "Darn post office! What are they Irish?" And Chandler and Ross dealing with the celebrity tuxedos is funny but definitly the least interesting plot. In the end, when Phoebe finds out that Rachel and Melissa really did share a kiss, she kisses Rachel to see what all the rage is about. This was the perfect ending to a great episode. Although the episode was strongly driven by the guest star, it was still hilarious.
  • More lesbian action!

    Great episode! Joey picturing Rachel and Melissa kissing! Oh my god Melissa meant it at the end when Rachel kissed her! She liked her! And she had a boyfriend. The Phoebe kisses Rachel to see! Lesbien action in this episode! Joey has a sick but cool mind! Joey would be the coolest person to make two guys married! I would so want Joey for the job. Monica sure has a perfect seating for their wedding! It seems like they are doing all this planning later in the season because it takes them like a year from their engagement to their marriage!
  • Rachel kisses two girls onscreen.

    This episode was pretty great. I like how Rachel made a big deal about that one crazy night with her sorority sister, Melissa. And she turned out to be a whacko lesbian in the end. I'm glad the writers, made it look like Melissa was crazy. Because Melissa was sort of rude about not remmebering the night. Chandler & Ross fighting over the tux had its moments, and Joey trying to get his parents to go, was just okay. Then to prove it, Rachel kisses Melissa onscreen. And then Phoebe kisses Rachel onscreen, and argues it was just to see what the fuss was about. It was funny to see them in that situation. So it was good.
  • This episode is one of the funniest and has good storylines.

    Rachel's friend Melissa is really annoying. I love Joey and Ross' reaction to the fact that Rachel says that her and Melissa have kissed. Monica's seating chart is just plain to organized but that is to be expected. Chandler wanting alot more blue pins is awesome because he only has about 10 pins and that is pathetic. This is one of my favorite episodes because it is so funny. The competition between Ross and chandler and who has the better celebrity tux is the best part of the episode. Pheobe going along to the dinner with Rachel and Melissa is awesome because it proves that the storyline is true.
  • a very funny episode indeed

    Rachel's friend, Melissa, from college fraternity shows up at the coffee house which brings back memories of their "closer" days when they got drunk and kissed. Then when Melissa can't remember that special night in their senior year, Rachel goes to great lengths to prove to Phoebe that there was really a kiss. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross argue for possession of Val Kilmer's tuxedo after chandler got 007's tux. and in the end it wasnt val kimler as batman but in some soppy movie instead.. Also, Joey drives Monica crazy when he insists that the wedding has his parents there and they do get an invitation after monica blames the post service and the irish, omg i love that bit.
  • that was great, how can you go wrong with that, plus it showed a different side of rachel's character.

    It was on repeats last night, Wynona Rider & Jennifer Anniston kissing you can't beat that and think it can't get any better, and then Lisa Kudrow kisses Jennifer Anniston, you gotta love it. Don't get me wrong there has been better episodes, in fact there are very few friends episodes that I don't think are really good. There are only a few that I won't watch when there on in syndication. This isn't one of those episodes. It was funny had girl on girl action, and showed a wild side to Rachel that even her friends didn't know that she had.