Season 7 Episode 2

The One with Rachel's Book

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2000 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Chandler: Look, when I proposed, I told you that I would do anything to make you happy... and if having the perfect wedding makes you happy, then... that's what we're gonna do.
      Monica: That's so sweet. (kisses him) But wait. What about the future and stuff?
      Chandler: Ah, forget about the future and stuff. So we only have two kids. Y'know, we pick our favorite, and that one will get to go to college.
      Monica: (laughing) You thought about that?
      Chandler: Yeah...!
      Monica: How many kids were we gonna have?
      Chandler: Four. A boy, then twin girls, and another boy.
      Monica: What else did you think about?
      Chandler: Well, stuff like where we'd live... A small place outside the city, where our kids could learn to ride their bikes and stuff. We could have a cat, with a bell on its collar, so we could hear it every time it ran through the little kitty door. Course, we'd have an apartment over the garage where Joey could grow old.
      Monica: Y'know what? I don't want a big fancy wedding.
      Chandler: Sure you do.
      Monica: No... I want everything that you just said. I want a marriage.
      Chandler: You sure...?
      Monica: (smiling and nodding) Mm-hmm... 
      Chandler: I love you so much...
      Monica: I love you... (kisses him) ...Hey, listen, um... when you were talking about our future, you said "cat", but you meant "dog", right...?
      Chandler: (laughing) Yeah, totally...

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