Season 8 Episode 5

The One with Rachel's Date

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Monica shouting orders in the kitchen. Phoebe meets Tim, Monica's sous-chef and they start going out.
Chandler is at his office desk where he is greeted by Ross, who is going out with him that evening. On the way out of the office he is greeted by Bob who calls him "Toby." Bob has been calling him Toby for five years and Chandler can't tell him because it would be awkward. Chandler then accidentally tells Ross his middle name is Muriel.
Joey is acting out for his television series and Rachel has come along with him to watch. She meets his co-actor named Cash who she has a thing for.
Monica and Phoebe are at the coffeehouse. Monica tells Phoebe that she has to fire Tim because he is an awful worker. Phoebe manages to persuade Monica not to fire him because she really likes him.
Rachel and Joey are at their apartment and Joey tells Rachel that Cash liked her, thinking she was charming and has asked her out for a date. Unfortunately for her Joey denied the date on her behalf much to her frustration. She orders him to go back to Cash and say she will accept.
Chandler meets Bob who works on the sixth floor. Chandler's boss then asks Chandler whether they should recruit Bob at the eleventh floor. Chandler objects saying he isn't good enough to be on the eleventh floor (so Bob won't find out his real name).
Monica meets Phoebe and tells her that Tim has to be fired. Phoebe says she can't because she is dumping him and that they can't do both on the same day. They fight over who is allowed to get rid of him first.
Bob talks to Chandler asking who the hell is Chandler because he is angry with him for not allowing him to be on the eleventh floor.
Ross enters Joey's apartment and asks him and Rachel what they want to do that tonight, Rachel tells him that she can't go out with them because she has a date, which Ross doesn't agree with. He becomes angry with Joey for setting her up on a date. Cash arrives and they leave for the date.
Tim meets Phoebe at the café where she tries to dump him but he is interrupted by Monica paging him to meet her.
Ross and Joey are at his apartment where Ross discusses his concerns with the two dating. Ross' main worry is that he is slowly losing his dream if Rachel dates different guys such as Cash. Joey decides that Ross should stop putting Rachel into the dream picture. The two of them then leave the apartment to go out.
Bob meets Chandler and asks him where Chandler Bing's office is because he has issues with him and wants to talk to him. Chandler then says he is the reason Bob didn't get the job, but Toby won't believe him.
As Tim arrives at his workplace he is suddenly both fired and dumped. He says some words about him being sorry for not being good enough making Monica and Phoebe feel bad about what they did. Monica decides to give him his job back but Phoebe instead of taking him back just says "good luck here" and leaves.
Ross sees Rachel in the street with a bunch of candy bars. Rachel says the date was a failure since she told him she was pregnant. To cheer her up Ross tells her that Chandler's middle name is Muriel. She tells him how hard it is to date now and he talks about how great it will be when she has the baby. Ross asks her whether she wants to get some coffee but she leaves to go to her apartment instead.
Ross enters the coffeehouse where he meets Mona from the wedding. He has a cup of coffee with her and Rachel is just about to enter the coffeehouse to be with him when she sees the two of them, prompting her to leave instead.
Bob is in Chandler's office destroying everything he can see, a horrified Chandler asks what the hell he is doing. Bob asks him to come help him destroy stuff and Chandler just suddenly starts destroying stuff with him.