Season 8 Episode 5

The One with Rachel's Date

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on NBC

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  • funny with the toby thing.

    Phoebe begins dating a guy who works for Monica, causing a problem when Phoebe wants to dump him on the same day Monica plans to fire him and pheobe dumps him and onica rehires him. Ross discovers that a coworker of Chandler's has been calling him Toby for five years and trys to get him to call him chandler and ends up costing his co worker a promotion to his floor and in the end they destroy chandlers office together for him to get his own back on him. Joey sets Rachel up on a date with one of his co-stars. Ross worries about this and the fact that he doesn't see a future with Rachel anymore.
  • A fine example of the Ross-Rachel relationship.

    Over the past eight years we have watched Ross and Rachel be together, on a break, together, on a break, on a longer break. But their have always been small refrences to a spark between them.

    In this episode we see another one, yet it is interupted by different characters and dates that always seem to get in the way.

    This episode is frustrating because - Why can't they just work it out?
  • Another Ross and Rachel classic episode.

    As we know that Ross and Rachel are close to be together because of this baby, but things start to make them drift apart. As Rachel goes on her date and Ross says that he can't force himself to fall in love with her, and he can't force her to fall in love with him.

    Ross claims that he always had a picture in his head, when he was in the ninth grade. The picture of him and his family. And as the episode go by, the picture is starting to drift away. Rachel goes on her date, which makes us and Ross feel that she doesn't want anything to do with Ross. But as Ross moves on and talks to a girl in the coffeehouse, Rachel slowly walks in and spots them, feels heartbroken, dejected and hopeless, then returns home.

    When Rachel walks into the coffeehouse, didn't it want you to scream, "Ross!! Behind you! It's Rachel!"? Maybe it is just another classical episode, another tearjerker and painful to watch episode, an episode that complicates the Ross-Rachel relationship even more, an episode that makes us want to watch the show even more.
  • Just when you think Rachel & Ross are getting back together.

    This episode is an unexpected Rachel & Ross episode, I'd like to talk about the other plots though, Monica & Phoebe plot, both want to hurt a guy, but who's going to do it first, their competitiveness really hows the classic Monica in her. It's pretty good, and then Monica felt bad & hired him but Phoebe didn't get back with him much to Monica's surprise. The Chandler plot was hilarious, him destroying his own office is priceless! Just because some guy kept calling him Toby! And finally the Ross & Rachel plot, this episode shows that Rachel still has feelings for him as she goes back, but kills it when she sees him with another girl, a great revealing episode.
  • Rachel goes on her first date since becoming pregnant with Ross\' baby, Phoebe dates Monica\'s sous chef and Chandler\'s co-worker thinks his name is Toby

    I love this episode. Phoebe is her usual hilarious self and Chandlers middle name is revealed to be Muriel. This is a great little addition to the story line.
    However, we also gain an insight into Ross and Rachels relationship. Ross is not, at this point, in love with Rachel, he says \"I cant force myself to fall in love with her again\" yet at the end it is clear that Rachel is hopeful for something more with Ross, and her hopes are dasked when she sees him with Mona.

    Ross and Rachel are destined to be together, this episode just shows another of the complications on their way.
  • Rachel goes on a date and she believes it will be her last.

    Good episode. Rachel goes on date and Ross doesn't like it. She then thinks it will be her last date. At the end was could because Ross wanted to be with her and then he walked into the coffee house and met Mono there and Rachel was thinking more of Ross when she went to follow him and saw him with Mono. Too bad.