Season 9 Episode 19

The One with Rachel's Dream

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2003 on NBC

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  • This is one of the best episodes! A must-seen episode!

    In this episode, Chandler buys tickets to a weekend vication with Monica, but because of her work she can't come and he takes Ross instead.
    Rachel has feelings to Joey, and Phoebe preforms at Monica's restaurant.

    This episode is CRAZY! One of the best!
    I really liked the part with Ross and Chandler! It's brilliant! The part with the maple candys was SO funny.
    The part with Phoebe was also great =]

    This episode made me laughing a hours after that...
    The hotel part was the best! I wish I had a life like that XDDD I really think it's brilliant! Must watch it NOW!!
    A great episode.