Season 9 Episode 19

The One with Rachel's Dream

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2003 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Joey: No, I really am worried, y'know? I have to make it convincing that... that I'm in love with Olivia.
      Rachel: So?
      Joey: So, I've never played that.
      Rachel: Oh, honey it can't be that hard. I mean, you've been in love before.
      Joey: Uh, well, just once... with you.
      Rachel: Okay, well this could be a little awkward--I'm just going to blow past it... Well, can't you just use that, that method-actor thing? ...where you use your real-life memories to help you in your performance.
      Joey: What the hell are you talking about?
      Rachel: Alright, look. Just, um... just try to remember how you felt when you were in love and think about that when you're playing the scene.
      Joey: Okay, yeah, I think I can do that. Yeah, okay... (thinks for a moment) There's this, there's this party scene coming up.
      Rachel: Uh-huh...
      Joey: Olivia and her husband are there and all Drake wants to do is grab her and kiss her, but he can't. And that makes me think about all those times I wanted to grab you and kiss you, but you didn't know, so I just would pretend everything was cool, but really it was killing me.
      Rachel: (genuinely touched) Joey you never talked about that before.
      Joey: (shrugs it off) Hey, y'know what else I could use? There's this scene where Drake sneaks into Olivia's bedroom and she doesn't know he's there--which never happened with us--and, uh, he knows he shouldn't be there but he just... wants to look at her, y'know? And I remember all those mornings before you even had put on your makeup and I would think to myself, "My God, she is beautiful"... and it hurt so much because I knew I could never tell you, but it was worth it just to be there looking at you... (just as Rachel becomes overwhelmed with emotion) Thanks dude! This is great!