Season 10 Episode 16

The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Monica, Chandler, and Rachel are all preparing to move. Rachel has done her best Monica impression and has all her stuff packed and organized. At least she thought she did until she couldn't find her passport. So she unpacks her boxes before Chandler reveals he took her passport as a joke. "When will it stop being funny that I took her passport?"

Monica is trying to get everyone to help her and Chandler pack. Instead of packing however, Chandler is punching Joey's head wrapped in bubble wrap. Then the guys discover a set of handcuffs in the closet of the guest room. At first they think they belong to Monica; Chandler assumes she used them with Richard. Then they go to another former resident of the room, Rachel; they're not hers. Then they realize Phoebe used to live there; they're not hers either. Finally it's revealed that they actually belonged to Grandma Geller. The apartment, after all, was once hers and after ten years is still officially in her name.

Erica is in town, since she's due to deliver soon. She announces that she's been having indigestion all day, a few minutes apart. Of course those are contractions, and Chandler and Monica take her to the hospital.

The gang is having a going-away party for Rachel. One by one, she pulls everyone aside for a private and tearful goodbye. Except Chandler can't stop cracking jokes. When Ross thinks it's his turn, Rachel just says good night and Ross is very upset that Rachel didn't give him a goodbye. Ross confronts her about it and Rachel tells him that she didn't pull him aside because he means so much to her that it would be too difficult. Then Ross kisses Rachel, and Rachel returns the favor.

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