Season 10 Episode 16

The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on NBC

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  • Is she staying? Is she not? As Janice would say: OH, MY, GOD!

    'Friends', as a comedy, wasn't supposed to have such touching episodes as this one. It was funny as it was supposed to be, and yet extremely sad and beautiful.

    I guess the best thing of the episode was noticing how some of the actors were really crying. Lisa Kudrow was full of tears the whole episode, and in Rachel and Monica's goodbye scene, you could see those were Jennifer and Courteney, two friends, saying goodbye to a great part of their lives.

    Rachel and Monica - it was hilarious, but it was touching! They were High School buddies, each went to her own way, then became again best friends- and showed it to us without words. Rachel and Phoebe - so beautiful to see two different people become such great friends. I guess their friendship is a lot of what 'Friends' has tried to say over these ten years. Rachel and Chandler - he says stupid jokes and she laughs at them: big part of friendship. Rachel and Joey - I'm still laughing (it's been two years).

    Rachel and Ross - no words. Ross is still the same of the first season, and that kiss! We all missed Ross&Rachel.

    Great episode. Touching and extremely well written.