Season 10 Episode 16

The One With Rachel's Going Away Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Erica: (arriving at Monica's) I went to a movie with my cousin and then out for dinner. We went to this place that had... Ooh... (she holds her belly in pain) Hoo... ooh... Anyway, they had these really amazing cheeseburgers...
      Monica: Erica, are you okay?
      Erica: Yeah, y'know... maybe I ate too much. I keep getting these stomach aches. They come and go, like, every few minutes.
      Monica: Oh, my God!
      Chandler: Relax! We just get her some antacids.
      Monica: She doesn't have a stomach ache, she's in labor!
      Chandler: Oh, my God!
      Phoebe: Yeah, you gotta get to the hospital!
      Monica: Alright, Chandler, get the coats! Erica, let's go! Phoebe and Joey, keep packing! Oh, my God! We're gonna have a baby! Alright. We're gonna have a baby! Oh, my God! We're gonna have a baby! Oh, God, Oh, God! I gotta sit down, I gotta sit down... Ooh! (she's hyperventilating)
      Chandler: Honey, it's gonna be okay.
      Erica: You can do this... just breathe...
      Monica: Okay, okay. Okay, I feel a little better.
      Erica: (in pain) Ohhh! Are you sure?!
      Monica: Ohhh... Yes, I'm sure. Oh, honey, let's go! Okay, bye everyone.
      Joey: (to Chandler as he's leaving) Wait-wait-wait!
      Chandler: What?!
      Joey: If ya get a second, find out where she got that cheeseburger...