Season 9 Episode 8

The One with Rachel's Other Sister

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rachel's other sister Amy unexpectedly turns up at Ross and Rachel's apartment for Thanksgiving. Initially, Amy turned up to borrow a hair straightener but ends up spending Thanksgiving with the gang after her married boyfriend cancels dinner on her.

Things don't get off to a good start with Amy and the gang following numerous misunderstandings, for instance referring to Emma as Emmit, mistaking Phoebe's name for a funny noise, and her comments that the makers of Days of our Lives must put a lot of makeup on Joey

Once things have seemingly calmed down, Amy brings up the issue of who gets custody of Emma in the event of Ross and Rachel's death. Amy thinks that she should get custody, however she is surprised to find out that custody would go to Chandler and Monica. This conversation escalates further at the dinner table when Chandler finds out that he would have to give Emma up in the event of Monica's death, but Monica would not have to give up Emma in the event of Chandler's death. This leads Chandler to believe that he would be an unfit single parent.

After dinner, Amy is still angry at Ross and Rachel's decision and a fight breaks out between Amy and Rachel. Surprisingly, Chandler swoops in to calm things down between the two sisters. Ross becomes impressed with Chandler's abilities and he decides that Chandler would indeed be fit enough to raise Emma alone if Monica died.

Phoebe helps Joey come up with a suitable lie as to why he had not turned up with the other stars of Days of our Lives at the Thanksgiving parade. In the end Joey decides to tell the producers that he did not attend because of a family emergency.

Monica becomes quite agitated when it is decided that her fancy plates, which she believes should only be used when the Queen of England visits them, will be used to serve Thanksgiving dinner. After several attempts to avoid her plates becoming damaged during dinner, one of the plates breaks on the floor during the fight between Amy and Rachel. Monica faints when the plate breaks but when she awakes, she decides to go across to Joey's apartment to get the pies. During which, Chandler accidentally knocks the entire box of plates onto the floor breaking them all.