Season 9 Episode 8

The One with Rachel's Other Sister

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC

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  • I think this is the very best episode of Friends, but it has not gotton the top of the leaderboards simply because it is in Season 9, rather than Season 5, which I think is a real shame, especially considering it IS THE BEST episode of Friends.

    This episode is so hilariously funny. Rachel's sister, Amy (Christina Applegate) gets invited by Rachel to Monica's thanksgiving dinner, but unfortunately it gets ruined by her presence. Amy wants to know that if Ross and Rachel die she gets Emma (a.k.a. Emmet, Emily, etc.), but she it not happy when she finds out Monica and Chandler are next in line. A heated arguement arises. Meanwhile, Phoebe teaches Joey how to lie (because he needs an excuse as to why he was not at the parade on TV).

    I think this episode is so funny because of how the very funny (and very numerous) running jokes get repeated throughout the episode, and they all get mixed up with each other in conversations. For this to be achieved the episode has to start off by introducing all of the episode jokes (which Friends does very well in all of its episodes), so this meant a less eventful first 5 minutes, but all the episodes (excluding the Season premieres and the two-parters) start off in a similar manner. It is also great to see an A-list celebrity playing a major role in an episode, and I really think she deserved an Emmy award for her acting in this episode.

    Rachel and Amy's fight is also very funny, and a lot of character development is made as Chandler worries about being a father. The plates subplot is wonderfully acted by Courteney Cox, and I think she had the most difficult part to play in the episode, having to play worried about her plates, pleased about being next in line to raise Emma, comforting towards Chandler and distressed when the plates smash, often having to change her emotions within seconds.
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