Season 9 Episode 8

The One with Rachel's Other Sister

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC

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  • "That's okay. You're totally right. I don't know anything about disciplining a child. But it did hurt my feelings, and I want you to know that if I die... you don't get Joey."-Chandler Bing.

    Amy, Rachel's spoiled, irresponsible sister, shows up for Thanksgiving. The gang argues over who gets custody of Emma if Ross and Rachel die. Great episode I love it, as usaul thanksgiving episodes of Friends are great and this is my second favourite of the series, I loved it with Monica and the plates, when one of the smashes and she collapses was great couldn't stop laughing it was one of her best moments, also when Chandler breaks all of them at the end was genius. I loved to finally see Racheals other sister and it was really fuuny when they were fighting.