Season 9 Episode 8

The One with Rachel's Other Sister

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2002 on NBC

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  • Great character development for Chandler, the last episode before Ross and Rachel's relationship begins to deteriorate again, and absolutely hilarious. Also one of Aniston's best performances. My favorite episode. And it got an Emmy!

    This is truly awesome. Everybody is so funny in this episode. Rachel's self-centered sister (Christina Applegate) comes to Rachel for comfort at Thanksgiving because she boyfriend's wife came back into town! Amy gets invited to Thanksgiving at Monica's (which in Ross's words is like bringing the Indians syphillis), but she messes it up. Amy wants custody of Emmet, sorry, Emily, no, Emma, but Ross and Rachel say Emma goes to Monica and Chandler. However, Chandler discovers that Monica needs to be alive or he loses the baby, and gets upset that nobody sees him as a father figure because he's trying for a child. Monica comforts him about this on a touching scene in the hallway. Meanwhile, Joey has forgotten to go to the parade on TV, and he needs to think of a lie to excuse himself. Phoebe decides to teach him how to lie (notably, she says she can see the strings on the videos of man walking on the moon!). She jokingly plans to teach him how to steal the following week.

    Monica has bought some plates, and she's very cautios about them. She wanted to save them for the Queen, but Chandler told her she should take the hint if she keeps getting cancelled on. Monica is overprotective about the plates, and it results in Chandler telling her he'll be careful for the rest of his life, until told otherwize, it results in her pinching Ross, and it results in her having to suggest to everybody to cut their food in mid-air. Phoebe later makes fun of her for this. She also doesn't let the gang use the fancy China for desert, because she believe that is parallel to blowing noses on her wedding dress!

    Rachel and Amy's fight goes over the top, ending up in physical violence, and a plethora of hilarious insults! During the fight (in which Ross advises Rachel to kick and Joey advises Rachel to pull Amy's top off), one of Monica's plates break. Monica collapses and Chandler tells the girls off, and Ross realizes that maybe Chandler can be a good father. Eventually, all the chaos gets resolved, until Chandler breaks ALL the plates, and Joey lets it slip to Monica (in which he tries to cover up with his lying skills taught to him by Phoebe).

    Overall, this is the best episode. Simply because it is so extremely funny. This is one of Rachel's best episodes, better than TOW Rachel Finds Out, TOW Ross Finds Out and TOW The Videotape. Some of the characters have great lines, which I won't list here because it will take so long. I definately reccomend a watch, it's fabulous. Definately deserving of an Emmy.