Season 9 Episode 9

The One with Rachel's Phone Number

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chandler is talking to his secretary at work, when the phone rings. Joey answers and says that he has court-side tickets for the Knicks. He then rings Monica to tell her and she's disappointed, it's the only night she has off. Chandler says he will try to think off a way to tell Joey.

Rachel is getting ready to go out, and Ross says she looks great. It's Rachel's first night away from Emma. Ross has invited Mike over. Then, Phoebe and Mike arrive. Mike and Ross have nothing to talk about, and quickly become bored.

Monica and Chandler greet each other, and Chandler tells Monica that he couldn't tell Joey, instead he said he was staying in Tulsa. Joey gets suspicious when he comes to the apartment, he rings Chandler to say that he thinks Monica's having an affair. Joey waits outside the door, and Chandler says he's coming home.

Ross and Mike are still extremely bored. Rachel and Phoebe are at a bar, having a girls night. Phoebe asks what's up with her and Ross, she replies that she had a little eye contact. Just then, two guys send drinks over, they debate whether or not to send them something back.

Monica and Chandler are arguing about whether or not to tell Joey that Chandler isn't in Tulsa. Chandler thinks he should go down the fire escape and come back up. He goes to do it, but there's a "scary pigeon" there.

Over at Ross's they are still bored. Rachel and Phoebe are talking to the guys and are having a great tie with them, Rachel gives them her phone number. When the guys leaves, Rachel starts to regret it. Rachel thinks that she should move on from Ross, but she isn't sure. Then she realizes that Ross will know she has given her number out and Ross will answer the phone.

Over at Ross's they are still bored, Mike decides to leave. When Mike leaves, he gets a call from Phoebe, telling him he has to go back, which Mike does not want to do, Phoebe wants him to intercept all calls, so Ross doesn't know about Rachel giving her number out. Mike arrives back at Ross's, and Ross isn't all that pleased.

Chandler comes back, he's back early because of the time difference, which Joey believes. Monica is appalled when Joey thinks she's having an affair. Joey finds out about Chandler coming back, when his suitcase is left there. Chandler then leaves for the games with Joey, but then realizes it's tomorrow night.

Rachel and Phoebe come back, and her and Mike leave. While Rachel is talking to Phoebe, the phone rings and it's the guy from the bar. Ross is shocked, and doesn't pass on the message. Ross arrives at the coffeehouse, Phoebe and Mike are already there. Phoebe leaves, and once again there's the awkward silence.