Season 6 Episode 13

The One with Rachel's Sister (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Joey walking over to Chandler's table in Central Perk reading out the bill. Joey then offers another customer stuff for free. He has been offering pretty people stuff for free to get them to like him.

Monica comes home to her apartment early to say that she has been sent home by her boss because she is sick. She claims she is fine because "being sick is for the weak". Rachel's sister Jill suddenly arrives at the apartment and Rachel introduces everyone to her. Jill tells Rachel that her father has cut her off financially. He has cut her off because she "bought a boat." Rachel congratulates her for gaining her independence and says she will help her get a job and meanwhile she can stay with them.

At Central Perk, Gunther is angry with Joey for giving away food for free. Jill enters Central Perk and it is revealed that she has bought many things with her father's credit card. Rachel arrives and is angry with Jill for using her father's credit card for shopping. Ross and Phoebe cover for Jill saying that they bought the shopping. Rachel soon catches on however, and warns Jill not to do this again. She takes all the shopping away and leaves. Ross reveals that he concealed one of the bags and gives it to Jill.

At Monica's apartment, Monica is eager to do something but Chandler says they shouldn't because she is too sick. Monica tries to attract Chandler but Chandler is repulsed by her illness. Phoebe enters the apartment and tells Rachel that "there may be something between Ross and Jill." Rachel is shocked saying it is "terrible and the worst thing that could have happened to her".

Joey is at Central Perk; he tries to give a customer free food but can't because of what Gunther said to him. Jill enters and comes to sit next to Rachel. Rachel brings up the subject of her and Ross. Jill then says there's nothing between them and that she thinks of him more as a friend and a "geek". Rachel is upset about her disrespect for him and so talks about all of his positive features. Jill says she will go out with him so Rachel quickly turns the conversation around saying the bad things about Ross.

Chandler is sleeping on the sofa when he is suddenly woken up; Monica calls him over to the bedroom. He enters to find Monica lying in a "sexy gesture". He is repelled saying she needs "to get some rest."

Joey is singing happy birthday and Gunther walks over to him to tell him he is paying because he has sung "happy birthday" to twenty different women.

Ross comes over to Rachel to ask her if it was her who told Jill to ask him out because he only ever thought of her as a friend and was never attracted to her.

Back at the apartment Monica takes her top off to apply cream to herself. Chandler sees her and now "wants to have sex".

Ross meets Jill at Central Perk for their date. Rachel is also at the café making it awkward for him and Rachel.

Rachel is at Monica's apartment looking at Ross' apartment through the window. She is waiting for him to get home with Jill. Ross and Jill arrive back at his apartment and Rachel becomes anxious to know what's going to happen, Ross then suddenly closes the curtains…