Season 7 Episode 20

The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Joey telling Monica and Phoebe that the audition he just had went great, and he thinks that he's going to be a big star. He's having a callback the next day. However, Estelle calls him and tells him that he'll have to be completely nude in at least one scene of the movie.

Then in her apartment, Monica tells Ross that their cousin, Cassie, is coming over to stay at the place for a while. Phoebe comes in and when she wants to speak to Rachel in private, Monica thinks that they're planning a bridal shower and tells them so, leaving them to panic about planning a bridal shower.

Joey comes in and tells Monica that he is unsure about going for the callback since he's a little shy about being completely nude in a movie. However, Monica convinces him otherwise.

Back at Phoebe's apartment, Rachel and Phoebe are freaking out over the whole thing and decide that they have to make quick decisions about planning it, because Monica's only free slot in her busy wedding schedule is two days away.

Monica and Chandler have a quick decision to have sex, but Monica remembers that they're supposed to take her out to lunch soon. Cassie comes out and Chandler can't help but stare at her inappropriately.

At Central Perk, Monica tells Ross that Cassie has to move in with him because, Chandler is having perverted thoughts about Cassie. Ross reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Joey is at his callback and the woman in charge tells him that the director wants an uncircumcised man for the part but he is Jewish, and this complicates matters.

At Monica's apartment, Joey tells her that he can't make the part because he is circumcised. However, Monica decides to help him by trying to make a cover that will work as foreskin.

She walks in while Rachel and Phoebe are deciding on the guest list for the bridal shower and leaves on an excited note about them deciding about her present, and they panic again.

At Ross's apartment, Cassie moves in and Ross is surprised to find her highly attractive. He stares at her blankly, just as Chandler does, and finds himself unable to control himself while he is around her.

They then try to catch up with each other's lives and get a little more intimate with each other, although Cassie is still completely unaware about what was going in Ross's head.

At the bridal shower, things are going great except for one thing: Rachel and Phoebe don't know anyone who was invited to the shower. They talk a little with one of the guests and realize the Phoebe had forgotten to tell Monica to come to her own shower.

Meanwhile, Monica had just finished making a huge batch of covers for Joey, and she tells Joey to start trying them out. He eats one of them, but in the end he finally finds one that fits him perfectly; one that was made of silly putty.

Ross and Cassie are watching a movie in the apartment while having some wine and popcorn and Ross incorrectly thinks that Cassie is trying to subtly get to him sexually. He makes an attempt to kiss her and freaks her out, but in the end he blows it when he tells her, "I haven't had sex in a long time."

Monica got the message and came to the shower, but it seems that she was too late. Everyone had left before she came, and she says that she's quite happy because she gets to celebrate her shower with the people she really likes, instead of a ton of people she doesn't like. After that, every guest comes out of their hiding place and Monica is left in a tight situation, completely unaware of the surprise.

Joey is with the producer of the movie and it's time for the "awkward part". He strips down and shows them his seemingly normal penis, when the silly putty cover drops and bounces off.

Cassie, finding herself unable to stay with males, moves into Phoebe's apartment. However, Phoebe finds herself attracted to her, having the same staring scene as the other two guys and tells herself to "ask her out, she's not your cousin."

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