Season 6 Episode 3

The One with Ross's Denial

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1999 on NBC

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    The episode all in all was quite forgettable. We got all the same themes that we've been getting since the beginning of the season. Ross is falling in love for Rachel, he continues to deny it, Phoebe continues to be annoying. Pretty much the same thing.

    Regardless, we got a few noteworthy one liners and it did remain consistently funny. The "non ugly" roommate thing was hilarious, and Monica & Chandler's fight was both realistic and hilarious.

    Ross' desperation was pretty obvious and we got a pretty funny tie in with Rachel saying that she is eventually going to start dating other people. The conversation between Joey & Ross at the end was also noteworthy. Solid episode of Friends, good in continuing all the story lines.
  • Monica and Chandler disagree over how to redecorate Rachel's room. Joey looks for a new female roomate. Ross won't admit to Phoebe that he still loves Rachel.

    Great episode! I thought that Ross and the Rachel thing was so funny! I think Ross might still have a little bit of feelings for Rachel but not totally and is Rachel over Ross when she said she still loved him in the beginning of season 5? Chandler doesn't even say to Monica sometimes that he doesn't like her ideas or then Monica will be angry at him. I did like Chandler's idea of a game room better and I loved when he said that most people we know live 30 seconds away! Monica so did not like that! Joey and he wierd/funniest with Phoebe's is just great and they so should hook up because Joey is my favorite guy and Phoebe is my favorite girl! It would be perfect!
  • Funny, but not the best

    "The One With Ross's Denial" is a good episode of Friends, but not one of the best. Chandler and Monica have decided to live together, which leaves Rachel without a place to stay. Gallantly, Ross extends an offer for her to stay with him. Phoebe is convinced that Ross is still in love with Rachel, which she states as the reason why he refuses to get his and Rachel's marriage annulled. She continually confronts him about it, and he continually denies it. Monica and Chandler fight about their furniture and what to do with the extra bedroom, but eventually they are able to work it out. Meanwhile, Joey is trying to find a new roommate to live with him, and is only screening "non-ugly" women as potentials. This episode has its funny moments, but I get the feeling that the majority of the dialogue was just there to fill time.
  • Good but a bit slow sometimes

    Great as usual but not one of the better season 6 episodes. Phoebe believes Ross is still in love with Rachel but he refuses to accept it. Monica and Chandler get in a fight over how to redecorate Rachel's old room. Also, Joey advertises for a new roommate. Obviously there are funny moments but they are few and far between and it seems that this episode is more of a filler to establish Monica and Chandler's relationship and Ross's feelings for Rachel. The episodes that have less funny moments are usually emotional but this one just seems to lack in both compared to other friends episodes. Still, better than most other comedies on tv.
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