Season 9 Episode 7

The One with Ross's Inappropriate Song

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

While changing Emma, Ross starts to sing Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back," which makes Emma laugh for the first time. Rachel is very jealous to find out that she missed Emma's first laugh, and is not amused to find that Ross was singing a song about "a guy who likes women with giant asses" to their baby daughter, even though Ross tries to point out that the song promotes a healthy body image. Rachel tries lots of different things to get Emma to laugh, but she realizes that only "Baby Got Back" will cause Emma to laugh. At the end of the episode, Ross and Rachel sing a duet of the song and even do some dancing along with it, unaware that the rest of the group is watching them do it.

Phoebe is very concerned about meeting Mike's parents for dinner at their home. As they talk about it, Rachel talks about her own meeting Ross's parents during which she reveals that Judy said the Rachel was like the daughter she never had which upset Monica. With some fashion and conversation tips from Monica and Rachel, Phoebe arrives at the Hannigans' wearing a very traditional and conservative outfit that prompts Mike to tell Phoebe that she looks like his mother. Phoebe also begins speaking in a very snobbish accent in an effort to fit in with Mike's rich parents. Mike encourages her to just be herself, but that produces disastrous results as Phoebe provides details about her life on the street (including the fact that a pimp once spat in her mouth), playfully punches Mr. Hannigan in the chest (unaware that he just had surgery), and provides Mrs. Hannigan with far too much information about Mike's sexual behavior. Phoebe is so desperate to fit in that she even tries to eat veal despite being a fervent vegetarian. While she is in the bathroom throwing up, Mike's parents drop some not-so-subtle hints about breaking up with Phoebe. Phoebe overhears Mike defending her and telling his parents that he loves Phoebe. Phoebe runs in and tells Mike that she loves him, too. Mike and Phoebe leave, but not before Phoebe tells the Hannigans' that she threw up in the coat closet instead of the bathroom.

When Joey asks Monica and Chandler how he should invest his money, as opposed to his current system of taping it to the back of his toilet tank, Monica suggests investing in real estate. She even tells Joey that her old boyfriend, Richard Burke, is moving out of his apartment. Chandler, who still dislikes and distrusts Richard, tags along with Joey to check out Richard's old apartment. While there, Chandler sees a videotape with Monica's name on it. He concludes that it is a sex tape. Chandler steals the tape and tries to watch it at home, but is too afraid of what might be on there and instead asks Joey to watch it. At first, it just is a football game, but it quickly switches over to a sex tape. Joey manages to tackle Chandler before he sees too much, and tackles Monica when she walks into the room. An insecure Chandler tells Monica that all he can think about is her rolling around in bed with Richard while wearing cowboy boots, but Monica responds that she has never worn cowboy boots. They watch more of the tape and see that, in fact, it is not Monica, which makes Chandler relieved. However, Monica is rather miffed that Richard taped over her.

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