Season 7 Episode 7

The One with Ross's Library Book

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rachel has cut her hair!
Oh my God! Maggie Wheeler is back as Janice.
Ross takes Chandler to see his book in the campus library. When they get to the Paleontology section, they discover that it is the number one hangout on campus for promiscuous co-eds looking for a desolately quiet place to shag. Ross is so incensed that students are having sex in front of his book that he starts patrolling the Paleontology section. An amazing blond student shows up. She turns out to be the one student in the world who has actually read the Geller masterwork. Ross and his one fan are than busted moments later for shagging in the Paleontology section. Ross doesn't seem to mind very much.
Poor Monica runs into Janice when everyone's favorite annoying ex-girlfriend ventures into the kitchen to complain about the chicken. Monica, in turn, winds up breaking the news to Janice that she is about to become Mrs. Chandler Bing. Janice not only winds up inviting herself to their wedding she somehow almost winds up becoming their new roommate. Everyone says "Oh My God!" at least once and Joey flees the scene. Eventually the oh so polite Monica and Chandler decide that it is better to lie to Janice than it would be to beat her annoying head in with a fireplace poker. Janice departs.
Joey sleeps with Kristin Davis and asks Rachel to let her down easy for him. Unfortunately, Phoebe and Rachel like Kristin so much that they convince Joey to give her another chance. Joey even starts thinking marriage when Kristin suddenly remembers that she is already married. Joey is not amused.

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