Season 7 Episode 7

The One with Ross's Library Book

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on NBC

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  • Not the best episode but hilarious nonetheless.

    Not as good as some other season 7 episodes but still humorous. Ross's book is put in the library but he discovers that students are using the area to make out. After trying to increase security Ross eventually gets caught in the act he was trying to prevent. At the end of the episode Ross catches Monica and Chandler there too. Rachel and Phoebe try to convince Joey to keep dating a woman he slept with. He turns out to quite like her, but she doesn't like him in the end. Janice comes back in this episode and finds out about the wedding. Eventually she thinks that she's invited to the wedding, she'll sing a song there and she thinks that Monica and Chandler think of her as family. In the end she goes because Monica says Chandler still has feelings for her. Overall this episode is much better than any other show's average one, but it was slightly disappointing the way Janice was put in it. Probably one of the worse episodes with Janice in, which is a shame as they normally are one of the best episodes of the season.