Season 2 Episode 1

The One with Ross's New Girlfriend

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rachel waits for Ross at the airport. Her face falls when she sees him arriving with his new girlfriend, Julie. She tries to leave, but falls down in the process. Ross sees her & introduces Rachel to Julie. Rachel enters the apartment, out of breath. She tries to warn the gang about Julie, but Ross & Julie enter. Julie's introduced to the gang. They went to grad school together and met back up in China. The next morning, Rachel pokes her head out of her bedroom door & asks the group to close their eyes. But Paulo comes out of the room before they do. Rachel tells the gang that she went to Paulo's last night out of revenge, but now feels stupid. Ross & Julie enter, he sees Paulo. Monica has persuaded Phoebe into giving her a haircut after seeing how well she did with Joey & Chandler's hair. Monica is angry, it's shorter than she expected. She wanted Demi Moore's haircut. Phoebe confused it with Dudley Moore. Chandler goes to Joey's tailor, Frankie. At the tailors, Frankie goes to measure Chandler's inseam. He slowly measures it up his leg as Chandler makes a surprised look on his face. Monica locks herself in her bedroom. Phoebe tells the gang how short her hair is, Ross wants to go see. Joey & Rachel are alone in the living room. He tells Rachel she needs to tell Ross about her feelings but Rachel can't do that with Julie in the picture. Chandler enters the apartment, angry. He says Frankie "took advantage" of him. Joey denies it; he has been going to him for 12 years. Chandler informs him of the "cupping" that occurred during the inseam measurement. Joey tells Chandler that is normal, but the looks on Chandler & Ross face make him realise the truth. Ross prepares to leave, but Rachel asks to talk to him out on the balcony. She apologises to him about the Paulo incident. Ross tells Rachel that he "physically" hates Paolo and never understood why Rachel liked him. He tells Rachel she deserves to be "with someone who appreciates you" like the way he feels with Julie, which causes her to back up a bit; wanting to end the conversation. She pretends to be okay and they hug.