Season 5 Episode 9

The One with Ross's Sandwich

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 1998 on NBC

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  • Ross gets angry, Joey is getting tired of covering Monica and Chandler's secrets and Phoebe goes to literature class with Rachel.

    "I'm Joey, I'm disgusting"
    Joey always covers Monica and Chandler so the other friends won't find out about their relationship, but it puts him in very embrassing situations like when Phoebe finds Chandler's underwear in Monica's house and more. Joey's answers are funny and he faces it like a man although the friends thinks he is disgusting.

    Ross's crisis makes him very angry, especially after someone at work eats his sandwich, which, in the end, makes him stop working for a while to relax (I liked the part when he became calm after the doctor gave him some drugs...He is so stoned )

    and Phoebe goes to literature lessons with Rachel, but because Rachel doesn't take it seriously Monica comes instead of her and ruins the lessons.

    A great episode, all the friends has funny parts and there are alot of good quotes. A GREAT episode.
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