Season 10 Episode 3

The One with Ross's Tan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • Once again Ross is in an unbelievable situation

    Friends Season 10 Episode 3 The One With Ross's Tan
    Ross goes to a tanning place, but a confusion makes him look really really but really tan. Rachel and Joey try to sleep together, but decide they are better as friends. Phoebe and Monica try to cut off a friend, but she reveals Phoebe tried to cut off Monica before.

    This episode, the one with Ross's tan, was amazingly funny. Is so great, and so unbelievable that that smae fact makes it funnier! It was also funny the plot with Monica and Phoebe, and "I feel like a perfect arse!" "Actually in America you're only an ass." was my favorite of it! Also one of my favorites was also "How do you count to 5?" "1,2,3..." "Damn it!"
    With Rachel's and Joey's plot, it was funny, but I dont really like the idea of Joey and Rachel dating. It got weird. Overall, a great episode.
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